TrackWrestling Mobile: The Best App for Tracking

TrackWrestling mobile app allows wrestlers, coaches, and fans to access stats, schedules, videos, and more right from their phones or tablet. Developed by the team behind, the #1 online resource for wrestling stats and results, the app aims to provide the wrestling community with instant access to the information they need, no matter where they are.

With the TrackWrestling mobile app, users can view updated rankings, rosters, meet results and stats for all levels of wrestling – from youth to college. Coaches can manage their team’s schedule, review videos, and analyze performance data. Fans can follow favorite teams and wrestlers and watch videos from past meets and matches. The app makes it easy for the wrestling community to stay connected and informed in the digital age.

Whether you’re a wrestler checking records, a coach planning a schedule, or a fan keeping up with a team, the TrackWrestling app puts wrestling at your fingertips. With powerful features packed into an intuitive mobile interface, it’s an essential tool for anyone involved in the sport.

Compatibility and Download

The TrackWrestling mobile app is compatible with both iOS and Android devices. Users can download the app for free from the App Store for iOS devices, or Google Play for Android.

The app requires iOS 11.0 or later, and is optimized for iPhone. On Android, it requires Android 5.0 and up. The app will function on both phones and tablets from these operating systems.

When downloading from the app store, search for “TrackWrestling” or “TrackWrestling” to find the official app. Be sure to get the app directly from TrackWrestling as the developer, not any unofficial versions.

The download and installation process is quick and easy. Simply tap “Get” on the app store listing, then tap “Install” after downloading. The app is less than 30MB in size, so it shouldn’t take long to download even on slower connections.

Once installed, you can create an account directly in the app if you don’t already have TrackWrestling credentials. Existing users can sign in with their normal login information. Registration is free and provides access to all the app’s features.

With the app installed on your iOS or Android phone or tablet, you’ll have access to TrackWrestling’s tools wherever you go. It provides a convenient way to track stats, view videos, and more while on the move.

Interface and Navigation

The Trackwrestling mobile app provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface to access stats, schedules, and more on the go. The clean layout and navigation make it easy to find what you need quickly.

The main menu at the bottom provides quick access between key sections – Calendar, Teams, Athletes, Matches, and More. Tapping any of these icons brings you directly to that section.

Within each section, menus and filters on the top make it easy to navigate between different views. For example, in the Teams section you can toggle between Dual Meet, Tournaments, and Team Rankings. In Calendar, you can choose between different calendar views like Month, Week, and Day.

Several customization options make the interface personalized as well. You can select your favorite teams to follow and pin them to the top. Various notification settings allow tailoring alerts and reminders. Dark mode provides an alternate interface theme.

Overall, the Trackwrestling mobile app offers intuitive navigation that makes accessing stats, schedules, and videos simple on the go. The interface focuses on the key information wrestlers, coaches, and fans need with menus and settings to customize the experience.

Stats and Analytics

The Trackwrestling mobile app provides powerful analytics and stats tracking for both individuals and teams. Users can easily view their personal performance data as well as insights on their team.

For individual users, the app tracks comprehensive stats on your matches including wins, losses, match times, technical points scored, takedowns, reversals and more. All this data is presented in easy-to-read graphs and reports that show your progress over time. You can quickly see where your strengths and weaknesses are.

For coaches and teams, Trackwrestling offers excellent analytics tools. It can generate reports on the performance of individuals and the overall team. You get insights into team rankings, match results, tournament placements and more. The app makes it simple to identify areas your team needs to improve on.

Overall, the stats and analytics features allow wrestlers to track their personal progress. And it enables coaches to understand their team dynamics and make data-driven decisions. The powerful reporting saves time compared to tracking stats manually. Both individuals and teams can use the insights to set goals and improve performance over time.

Scheduling and Calendar

The Trackwrestling mobile app comes with a built-in calendar that coaches and wrestlers can use to schedule practices, weigh-ins, meets, and other events. This makes it easy to keep the team organized and on the same page.

Coaches can schedule practice times, set reminders, and send calendar invites to the team. Wrestlers will receive notifications about upcoming events so they don’t miss anything important. The calendar syncs across devices, so if a coach makes a change on their phone or computer, it updates instantly for everyone.

When scheduling meets, the app has an integrated search for tournaments and dual meets. Coaches can browse upcoming events, view details, and add them to the team calendar. The app will pull in information like event dates, registration deadlines, location, and more.

Weigh-ins and skin checks can also be scheduled through the app. Setting reminders ensures the team knows when and where to show up. This helps things run smoothly on competition days.

Overall, the calendar feature streamlines communication and organization for wrestling teams. Coaches save time planning the season schedule while wrestlers always know what’s expected of them. The Trackwrestling mobile app takes the guesswork out of scheduling.

Video Review

The Trackwrestling mobile app makes it easy for coaches and wrestlers to upload and review matches. Users can upload video directly from their phone or tablet after a competition. The app supports all common video formats like MP4 and MOV.

Once the video is uploaded, Trackwrestling provides powerful tools to analyze matches. Coaches and wrestlers can add tags and comments at specific time stamps during a match. For example, you can tag a successful takedown or pin attempt. On rewatching, these tags make it easy to find key moments and learn from them.

The app also automatically generates analytics from the video. It tracks total time wrestling versus stalled, takedowns, reversals, back exposure points, and more. These analytics provide data to reinforce coaching and scouting reports. After each match, statistics like total takedowns or takedown percentages can be compared. This allows wrestlers and coaches to set goals and track measurable improvements over a season.

Overall, the in-app video review features transform raw footage into a powerful learning tool. The ability to closely study technique and strategy through tagged video clips and match statistics is an invaluable asset for wrestlers looking to reach the next level. Trackwrestling sets a new standard for using video analysis to improve wrestling performance.

Connecting and Sharing with Team Members

The TrackWrestling mobile app makes it easy to stay connected with your team and share updates. Here are some of the key features:

  • Chat and direct messaging – You can chat one-on-one or in groups with your teammates right in the app. This makes it easy to coordinate meetups, discuss strategy, or just stay in touch.

  • Video and photo sharing – Easily capture videos or photos at practices or meets and share them with the team. This is a great way to showcase achievements or document progress over the season.

  • Team news feed – See recent posts, photos, videos, and updates from your team members all in one place in the team feed timeline. Like and comment on posts to interact.

  • Push notifications – Opt to receive alerts about new messages, posts, and other updates so you never miss out on team happenings. Get notifications for direct mentions too.

  • Event creation – Coaches or managers can create events and invite the entire team to view details, RSVP, and get reminders. Great for coordinating practices, team dinners, fundraising events, and more.

  • Team roster – Access up-to-date contact info for coaches, teammates, and other school personnel right within the app. Easily call, email, or text them.

The TrackWrestling app makes it simple and fun to stay connected as a team! With robust communication and sharing features, you can foster team spirit and camaraderie throughout the season.

Additional Features

Trackwrestling mobile offers several handy additional features beyond tracking stats and schedules.


The app allows wrestlers to record and track their weight right in the app. Coaches can set weigh-in windows and minimum weights, and the app will notify wrestlers when it’s time to weigh-in. All weigh-in data syncs across the team so coaches can monitor the roster. This makes managing weight much simpler compared to manual weigh-in tracking.

Photo Uploading

Team members can upload photos directly through the mobile app after a competition or practice. Photos are shared into the team feed so everyone can see. It’s an easy way to showcase photos without needing a separate sharing platform.


Trackwrestling can send push notifications about upcoming events, weigh-ins, schedule changes, and more. Coaches can customize notification settings as well. This keeps the team on the same page with real-time updates and reminders.

The app also includes the ability to message coaches and teammates directly within the app. There is also a news feed for team-wide status updates and information sharing.

Overall, the Trackwrestling app provides great convenience by putting many helpful features all in one place designed specifically for wrestling teams. The mobile experience extends the tracking and communication abilities beyond just the web platform.

User Reviews

Trackwrestling’s mobile app has received generally positive feedback from users, though there are some complaints about bugs and missing features.

On the iOS App Store, Trackwrestling has a 4.7 out of 5 star rating based on over 5,000 ratings. The most common praise is around the app’s user interface and easy access to stats and information. Many reviewers say it’s an invaluable tool for any wrestling coach, parent or athlete. Complaints tend to focus on occasional crashes and bugs, as well as some users wanting more advanced statistics.

The Android version has a slightly lower 4.3 rating on Google Play, again based on thousands of reviews. As with iOS, reviewers like having mobile access to wrestling stats and information. Some users complain about the app crashing or freezing at times. Others note a lack of support for newer Android versions and certain devices.

While not perfect, the overall sentiment seems to be that Trackwrestling provides useful mobile access to wrestling data for most users. Ratings and reviews indicate the app delivers on key functionality like schedules, stats and video, though suffers periodic bugs. As a free app designed specifically for the sport, it offers value despite some technical issues users have experienced.


Trackwrestling mobile is an incredibly useful app for wrestlers looking to take their training and competition to the next level. The wealth of stats, analytics, video review and scheduling features provide wrestlers with deep insights into their performance, helping them identify areas for improvement.

The app makes it easy for wrestlers to track their progress over time, set goals, develop training plans, and strategize for upcoming matches. Video review is an especially beneficial feature, allowing wrestlers to study their matches and learn from past performances.

Overall, Trackwrestling mobile is a must-have app for any serious wrestler. The app streamlines training, provides robust analytics, and enables wrestlers to be better prepared through video study. Any wrestler looking to improve their skills and achieve their highest potential should strongly consider using Trackwrestling mobile. It’s an invaluable tool that can give wrestlers a competitive edge.

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