The 10 Best Kitchen Gadgets to Make Your Life Easier in 2024

A well-equipped kitchen with handy tools and gadgets can make cooking easier, more enjoyable, and help expand your culinary skills. Many basic kitchen tasks like chopping, measuring, and mixing can become faster and simpler with specialty tools designed for the job. Other gadgets introduce new techniques into the home kitchen like sous vide cooking or creating foam and airs.

Kitchen gadgets range from essentials every home cook should have, like quality knives and pots, to specialized items for ambitious cooks. While it’s possible to spend unlimited amounts on trendy or niche gadgets, focusing first on versatile tools brings the most value to everyday cooking. Quality gadgets should make the cooking process simpler, safer, or open up new culinary techniques, rather than just add clutter to your cabinets.

Multi-use Appliances

Kitchens can easily become cluttered with single-use appliances that only serve one function. Multi-use appliances are an excellent way to declutter your counters while still being able to tackle a wide variety of recipes and tasks.

Stand Mixer

A stand mixer is arguably one of the most versatile and useful appliances in any home kitchen. Stand mixers like the KitchenAid allow you to knead bread dough, whip cream, beat egg whites and more. With the right attachments you can also grind meat, stuff sausages, make pasta and more. Stand mixers are workhorses that enable home cooks to take on more ambitious recipes.


A quality blender is invaluable for making smoothies, soups, sauces, frozen drinks and more. Blenders like the Vitamix are powerful enough to grind grains and seeds into flour. Immersion blenders can directly blend soups and sauces right in the pot or pan. Having a blender opens up many possibilities for home cooks.

Food Processor

Food processors excel at chopping, slicing, shredding, mixing and pureeing. They can be used to make everything from hummus to pie dough and salsa. The interchangeable blades and discs allow you to adjust the texture and consistency of your ingredients. Food processors are ideal for quickly prepping large batches of ingredients.

Knives and Cutting Tools

A well-equipped kitchen needs quality knives and cutting tools. Investing in a good set of knives can make meal preparation easier and more enjoyable. Here are some of the most essential knives and cutting tools every home cook needs:

Chef’s Knife

A chef’s knife, also called a cook’s knife, is the most important and versatile knife to have. Its broad blade works well for chopping, slicing, dicing, and mincing vegetables, meat, herbs, etc. When buying a chef’s knife, choose one with high carbon stainless steel blade, full tang construction, riveted handle, and 8-10 inches in length. Some popular chef’s knife brands are Wüsthof, Global, Victorinox, and Mac.

Slicing Knife

A slicing knife has a long, narrow blade ideal for cutting thin, even slices of cooked meat like roasts, hams, etc. Its long blade allows smooth back-and-forth motion without tearing food. High carbon stainless steel blades provide durability and hold sharp edges well. An 8-12 inch slicing knife is a handy addition to any kitchen.

Serrated Knife

A serrated knife, also called a bread knife, has a scalloped or saw-like blade that grips soft foods and neatly cuts through them. It’s perfect for slicing bread, tomatoes, cakes and pastries without squashing them. A quality serrated knife has scallops that go all the way to the handle. An 8-10 inch serrated knife with pointed teeth works for most tasks. Brands like Wüsthof, Victorinox and Mercer offer excellent serrated knives.

Sharp and quality knives are essential prep tools for any kitchen. Invest in a good chef’s knife, slicing knife and serrated knife for efficiency, safety and enjoyment while cooking. Handle knives properly, keep them sharp, and store safely to get the most value from the investment.


Having the right bakeware can make baking easier, more efficient, and improve your results. Investing in a few key pieces allows you to bake a wider variety of items.

Baking Pans

Metal baking pans conduct heat well and cook evenly. Stainless steel is durable and distributes heat evenly. Light colored pans are better than dark pans which absorb heat. Rectangular and square pans are versatile for baking bars, brownies and other baked goods that can be easily cut into uniform pieces.

Glass pans allow you to monitor the bottom browning without removing from the oven. However, they may require adjusting the bake time or temperature. Ceramic pans bake slowly and evenly, making them ideal for dishes like lasagna. Dark metal pans are best suited for foods you want to brown or crisp like pizza, foccacia and quick breads.

Choose pans in essential sizes like 8×8 and 9×13 inches to handle many recipes. Having both shallow and deep pans increases options. Investing in good quality sturdy pans from trusted brands ensures they will last many years.

Muffin Tins

Standard muffin tins have 12 compartments and are versatile for baking muffins, cupcakes, egg bakes and more. Having one or two is useful. A 6-compartment size is good for making oversized muffins. Mini muffin tins yield bite-sized muffins and snacks.

Nonstick tins allow easy release of baked goods. Opt for high-quality nonstick coatings that are PFOA-free. Stainless steel tins are another durable option but may require use of liners or greasing. Look for tins with wide rims that make it easy to grab onto the pan without burning fingers.

Cooling Racks

Cooling racks allow air flow all around baked goods to prevent excess moisture build up as they cool. This prevents a soggy bottom crust. Choose sturdy racks with tightly woven wires so small items won’t slip through. Opt for stainless steel over coated racks which can flake over time.

Look for racks in various sizes and shapes. Round or rectangular racks hold most standard items. A larger half sheet rack is useful for larger batches of cookies or big cakes. Having 2-3 sizes of racks provides flexibility. Position racks over a baking sheet to catch any drips. Sturdy racks that provide ample airflow and support are an essential bakeware item.

Measuring Tools

When it comes to cooking and baking, accurate measuring is essential for achieving the right results. Investing in high-quality measuring tools will make the process easier and more precise.

Measuring Cups and Spoons

A good set of measuring cups and spoons ensures you add the correct amounts of ingredients for recipes. Look for a stainless steel set that includes both liquid and dry measurements. Dry measuring cups come in standard sizes like 1/4 cup, 1/3 cup, 1/2 cup and 1 cup. Liquid measuring cups have clear graduated markings to allow you to measure from teaspoons up to several cups.

Food Scale

While measuring cups work well for many ingredients, a food scale provides the most accuracy for items sold by weight. A digital kitchen scale allows you to easily weigh meats, produce, cheeses and more in ounces or grams. Scales that switch between units and have a tare function to reset to zero are most convenient. Weighing ingredients like flour rather than scooping with cups removes human error and leads to better results.


Thermometers are essential kitchen tools for accurate temperature measurement, especially when cooking meat, making candy, or deep frying. Getting the right internal temperature helps ensure food safety and achieves the proper doneness.

Meat Thermometers

Meat thermometers are a must for cooking roasts, whole chickens, turkeys, and other large cuts of meat. Unlike quick-read instant thermometers, meat thermometers have a probe on a cord that inserts deep into the thickest part of the meat. This provides a reading of the internal temperature, not just the surface temp. Meat thermometers help prevent overcooking and ensure poultry reaches a safe minimum cooking temperature to kill any bacteria.

The best picks are instant-read digital meat thermometers or wireless models with remote monitors. Digital thermometers give faster, more reliable readings. Look for options with a wide temperature range suitable for meat, candy, bread, and more.

Candy and Deep Fry Thermometers

The Candy thermometers and deep fry thermometers have scales going up to very high temperatures. Candy thermometers typically reach 400°F+ to measure sugar stages when making brittles, caramel, and candy. Deep fry thermometers reach 375-400°F for correctly heating oil to crisp foods like donuts, fries, and fried chicken without burning.

The key is monitoring the oil temp. If it falls too low, food will absorb oil and turn greasy. If too high, the oil can burn. Select candy and deep fry thermometers with clips to attach to the pot. This allows monitoring the temp throughout cooking without holding the thermometer.

Storage Containers

Having the right food storage containers can greatly simplify meal prep and organization in your kitchen. There are several key factors to consider when selecting storage containers:

  • Material – Glass, plastic, and stainless steel are common options. Glass provides an airtight seal and allows you to heat contents directly in the container. Plastic is affordable, lightweight, and often comes with snap-lock lids. Stainless steel is durable and neutral-tasting but more expensive.
  • Shape – Round containers are great for loose ingredients but can waste space. Square and rectangular containers stack and organize better. Consider the types of food you’ll be storing when choosing a shape.
  • Lids – Lids should seal tightly and be easy to get on and off. Look for containers with snap-lock, latch, or press-on lids. Avoid containers where the lid is only held on by friction.
  • Size – Have a variety of sizes – large for leftovers, medium for lunches, and small for portions and grab-and-go snacks. Nesting containers save cabinet space.
  • Airtight – An airtight seal is crucial to keep food fresh longer and prevent spills. Glass and plastic containers with rubber seals tend to be most airtight.

Some top-rated storage container options include OXO Good Grips, Pyrex glass, Snapware, and Rubbermaid Brilliance for their durability, versatility, leakproof lids, and ease of use. Investing in high-quality storage can make meal prep quicker and keep ingredients organized and fresh longer.

Small Appliances

Small kitchen appliances are designed to make cooking tasks faster and easier. Three of the most popular and useful small appliances are toasters, coffee makers, and electric kettles.

Toasters are used to quickly toast slices of bread. Most modern toasters have settings that allow you to customize the browning so you can get the exact level of crispiness you want. Higher-end toasters may include features like wider slots to accommodate different bread types, removable crumb trays for easy cleaning, and the ability to toast bagels, defrost, and reheat. When shopping for a toaster, look for models with an auto-centering feature to ensure even browning.

Coffee makers are commonly found in kitchens because they allow you to brew coffee quickly and easily. Standard drip coffee machines include programmable timers so you can set the brew time. Single-serve models like Keurig brew one cup at a time. Features to look for include brew strength control, thermal carafe to keep coffee hot, and dishwasher-safe parts for easy cleaning.

Electric kettles boil water very rapidly, faster than a stovetop kettle. This makes them handy for tasks like making tea, instant coffee, oatmeal, or pasta. Electric kettles with temperature control allow you to heat the water to the precise temperature needed for different drinks. Other features include cordless pouring for easy serving and keep warm functions to maintain the set temperature. An electric kettle is an indispensable gadget for tea and coffee drinkers.

Innovative Gadgets

The kitchen is home to some of the most innovative gadgets that make cooking easier, faster, and more enjoyable. Here are some of the newest and most unique tools for the kitchen:

Herb Scissors

Herb scissors allow you to quickly chop fresh herbs like basil, thyme, and rosemary with just a few snips. The scissors have multiple blades that finely mince the herbs, preventing bruising that can happen with regular knives. Perfect for last minute garnishes and sauces.

Avocado Slicer

Skip the knife skills and use an avocado slicer for perfect slices every time. The plastic gadget grabs and holds the avocado while a blade neatly slices it into 7 even pieces. Removes the pit in one motion and catches slices so they don’t fall apart.

Oil Mister

Avoid the greasy mess of pouring oil from a bottle. An oil mister evenly distributes a light spray of oil, allowing you to use less fat while still lightly coating pans and food. Choose from battery-powered electric models or pump sprayer options.


A multi-peeler gives options for peels of different widths, from thin julienned strips to wide ribbons. Handy for prepping varying vegetable sizes for stir fries, garnishes, or fancy fruit plates.

Smart Thermometer

Bluetooth thermometers free you from hovering over food. Get temperature readings sent to your phone so you can multitask while cooking. Some models even suggest cooking times and send alerts when food is perfectly cooked.

Coffee Pod Holder

Plastic coffee pod holders allow you to neatly organize and stack multiple single serve coffee pods to keep your counter clutter-free. Great space saver and prevents damaged pods.

Microwave Crisper

Microwave crisper lids or food covers are topped with a metal mesh that allows food to get crispy and golden brown when microwaved. Use this to reheat pizza, fries, or chicken nuggets with a crunch.

Compact Colander

Collapsible silicone colanders unfold to drain pasta, vegetables or rinse fruit. When not in use they fold up flat for space-efficient storage. Convenient to pop in a beach or picnic bag.

Mushroom Brush

Special brushes with stiff, dense bristles allow you to thoroughly clean dirt from mushrooms without water. Gentle on produce and helps mushrooms retain flavor and texture for cooking.


When outfitting your kitchen with gadgets and tools, it’s easy to get overwhelmed by the variety of options available. However, there are some clear standouts that deserve a spot in any cook’s arsenal.

The most versatile and useful gadgets make meal preparation easier while saving you time and hassle. At the top of the must-have list are multi-use appliances like the Instant Pot that can pressure cook, slow cook, sauté, steam, and more. Quality knives and cutting tools are essential for chopping, slicing, and dicing ingredients with ease. For bakers, a set of stainless steel mixing bowls, a digital scale, and silicone baking mats are invaluable.

Other kitchen workhorses include a digital instant-read thermometer for perfectly cooked meats, a set of airtight storage containers in various sizes, and a few small appliances like an immersion blender and microwave egg cooker. While innovative single-use gadgets can be fun, the most practical choices deliver multiple functions.

By focusing on high-quality, thoughtfully designed tools, you’ll assemble a kitchen gadget arsenal to simplify meal prep for years to come. The right gadgets save time, reduce effort, and deliver consistent results – ultimately letting you focus on creating delicious home-cooked meals.

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