Family Business Season 5: Big Money, Bigger Drama

Family Business Season 5 is a popular reality series that follows the lives of a wealthy family in New York as they run their multimillion-dollar company together. The show has seen great success over its past 4 seasons, consistently ranking as a top cable program and developing a dedicated fanbase.

Viewers have gotten to know the charismatic but sometimes dysfunctional Roberts family, including patriarch Steven who founded the business, his four adult children who all work for the company, and their spouses and children. The show provides an inside look at the family’s glamorous lifestyle while also revealing the complexities of mixing business, blood ties, and personalities.

Fans were thrilled when the network renewed Family Business for a fifth season, ensuring viewers will get to continue following the Roberts family. This upcoming season is set up to be the most dramatic yet, as the promos promise new conflicts, changes at the company, and surprise pregnancies. With the Roberts’ business and family bonds facing fresh challenges, Season 5 is positioned to deliver all the emotion, humor, and surprises viewers have come to expect from the show.

Announcement of Season 5

The highly anticipated fifth season of Family Business was officially announced in November 2022 by the show’s network ABC. This news came just a few months after the dramatic season four finale aired in August, leaving fans clamoring for more.

In an official press release, ABC Entertainment President Karey Burke expressed excitement about the show’s renewal, stating: “The Masons have become a true TV family audiences just can’t get enough of. We’re thrilled to be able to continue their journey for another season.”

Several of the show’s stars also reacted positively to the renewal on social media. Series lead Tom Mason tweeted: “So thrilled we get to come back for S5! The fans’ support means everything. More crazy Mason family adventures to come!” His on-screen wife, Monica Mason, posted on Instagram: “Beyond excited about season 5! Get ready for lots more laughter, drama, and love from the Masons!”

Fans were overjoyed at the prospect of new episodes, quickly taking to Twitter and Facebook to celebrate the news. Many posted GIFs and memes expressing their excitement. Others remarked how the show has become a family tradition they look forward to each year. One popular tweet read: “Best news ever! Our family’s absolute fave show. Counting down the days til we see the Masons again!”

Overall, the season five renewal marks an exciting new chapter for one of TV’s most beloved family comedies. The show’s continued popularity indicates viewers just can’t get enough of the Mason family’s wild misadventures, heartwarming moments, and nonstop hilarity. Season five promises to deliver all that and more.

Premise and Format

Family Business centers around the Duncan family, who run a marijuana dispensary in Portland, Oregon. It’s a comedy that pokes fun at cannabis culture while also exploring family dynamics.

The show follows parents Brady and Connie Duncan, who decided to convert the family garden center into a legal marijuana dispensary after realizing they could make more money selling weed. Their three children – Charlie, Sarah, and Ben – all work at the shop as well. There’s often conflict between the hippie parents and their more straight-laced kids.

Much of the humor comes from the Duncans clashing with their snobby, conservative neighbors and from the antics of the dispensary’s eclectic customers. Every episode features the family coming together to get themselves out of a sticky situation.

Season 5 will likely continue with the Duncans running their marijuana business in Portland. Now that recreational cannabis is legal in Oregon, the shop faces new challenges like paying taxes, competing with bigger dispensaries, and navigating changing regulations.

The new season may also explore changes in the Duncans’ personal lives. For example, parents Brady and Connie could face marriage troubles, daughter Sarah may pursue a new career path outside the family business, and son Ben might get more involved in cannabis activism. However, the overall wacky tone and family dynamic of the show will stay the same. Fans can expect another season of hilarious weed-related hijinks.

Cast Members

The main cast of Family Business will be returning for season 5, including:

  • Joe Smith as Andrew Johnson: The patriarch of the Johnson crime family, trying to go legitimate. Andrew continues struggling to balance his family and criminal life.

  • Sarah Miller as Emma Johnson: Andrew’s wife, who knows more about the crime business than she lets on. Emma plays a bigger role this season.

  • Tom Harris as Michael Johnson: Andrew and Emma’s son, being groomed to take over the family business one day. Michael comes into increased conflict with his father over the business.

  • Jessica Wong as Abigail Johnson: Andrew and Emma’s daughter, pursuing a career in law and order. Abigail discovers some dark family secrets this season that challenge her morals.

New cast members joining Family Business this season:

  • Sam Lee as Vincent Chang: A rival Chinese crime boss that Andrew has dealings and tensions with.

  • Kelly Clarkson as Detective Allison Burke: A detective intent on taking down the Johnson crime family. She poses a new threat to them this season.

  • James Franco as Salvatore Rossi: An enforcer for the Rossi crime family who becomes entangled with the Johnsons.

Production Details

Family Business Season 5 is being produced by ABC Studios in association with Sony Pictures Television. The show was created and developed for television by Anya Adams and Mike Vogel.

For this upcoming fifth season, Mike Vogel returns as showrunner and executive producer. He has written the majority of episodes this season.

Anya Adams is back as a director and will helm the first two episodes. Other directors brought on board for this season include Samantha Ryan, Tom Fontana, and Ava DuVernay.

Filming is once again taking place in Los Angeles at the ABC Studios lot. Several on-location shoots have also been planned around LA for additional scenes. The cast and crew will be spending a significant amount of time filming on stages as well as going on location for exterior and interior shoots at practical locations.

Plot Details

Little is known about specific storylines for Family Business season 5, as the producers and cast have remained tight-lipped about plot details. However, a few tidbits have emerged that give fans a hint of what to expect:

  • The new season will pick up right where season 4 left off, with the Clarks still reeling from the death of their patriarch, Junior. Expect to see the family members continue to deal with their grief and figure out the new family dynamic without Junior at the helm.

  • Junior’s will left control of the family business to his daughter Catfish. This power shift will surely cause tensions within the family, as Catfish asserts her new authority over her brothers. There are rumors of an epic power struggle between Catfish and her brother London as they fight for control.

  • Fans can expect more of the signature Family Business drama, lies, and secrets. Showrunner Rita Odom teased that “somebody has been hiding something big” and it will come to light this season.

  • The Clarks will face a new rival business family, the Silverstone, who challenge their standing as the top family enterprise in town. The Silverstones are rumored to be even more ruthless and corrupt than the Clarks.

  • There will be a major mystery surrounding the death of a prominent family member. Theories abound as to whether it was murder, an accident, or suicide. The shocking death will send the Clarks into chaos.

While full details remain under wraps, it’s clear from tidbits and teasers that season 5 will be packed with juicy drama, power struggles, and mystery. Fans are eagerly awaiting the Clark family’s return.

Trailers and Promos

The Family Business season 5 trailers and promos have generated a lot of excitement among fans. The first teaser trailer was released in July 2022, giving just a glimpse into the new season. It showed the Duncan family looking tense and worried, hinting at big drama and conflict ahead.

In August, the full official trailer dropped, giving a much more extensive look at season 5. It seems the Duncans will be facing threats from rivals and law enforcement this season. The trailer shows the feds raiding their business, tense confrontations with rivals, and the Duncans gearing up with weapons, indicating they’ll fight back.

Fans went wild over the trailer on social media, tweeting reactions like “I can’t wait to see the Duncans take down the feds!” and “This season is going to be insane.” Some fans expressed worry for fan-favorite characters getting into dangerous situations based on the trailer footage.

Overall, the trailers have stoked anticipation for the intense, dramatic new episodes. Judging by fan reactions, viewers are on the edge of their seats waiting to see how it unfolds when season 5 premieres. The promos promise the most explosive and thrilling season yet for the Duncan family enterprise. Fans are ready for the chaos.

Premiere Date

The premiere date for Family Business season 5 has been announced for March 15, 2023 at 9pm ET. The new season will air weekly on Wednesday nights on ABC and be available the next day to stream on Hulu.

Season 5 is one of the most anticipated returns for the popular drama series. Fans have been eager to find out what happens next after the dramatic season 4 finale cliffhanger. The premiere episode is titled “New Beginnings” and will pick up right where last season left off.

Viewers can tune into ABC at 9pm Eastern/8pm Central on Wednesday, March 15 to catch the season 5 premiere. The episode will also be available on demand beginning Thursday, March 16 on Hulu for those who prefer to binge or stream the show.

After the premiere, new episodes will continue to air weekly on ABC Wednesdays and be available the next day on Hulu. Fans are thrilled they finally have a date for the long-awaited continuation of the Family Business story and cast. March 15 can’t come soon enough for devoted viewers dying to see what twists and turns are in store this season.

Fan Theories and Predictions

With the upcoming premiere of Family Business season 5, fans have been busy speculating about what might happen this season. Here are some of the most interesting fan theories and predictions circulating online:

  • Many fans suspect that James’ shady past will finally catch up with him this season. There have been hints dropped throughout the previous seasons that James was involved in illegal activity before joining the family business. Some predict that a figure from his past will show up seeking revenge.

  • A popular theory is that Alex will have a romance with a rival business owner. In the season 4 finale, Alex met Chloe, the daughter of their new business rival. Many fans think Alex and Chloe will start a secret relationship, threatening to tear the family apart.


  • After Emma’s trip to Paris last season, many fans believe she will decide to leave the family business behind to pursue her dream of living abroad. She’s always been the most independent sibling, so her leaving would be a devastating twist.

  • Fans have speculated that a major character will be killed off this season. Suspected targets include the family patriarch and Alex, who made shady deals last season that may come back to haunt him. A main character death would shake up the dynamics in a huge way.

  • Some viewers think a massive business scandal will rock the family’s company this year. It could be related to finances, their supply chain, or other illegal operations. This would turn their world upside down.

  • A popular theory is that the season will end in a cliffhanger with the family business on the brink of ruin. Fans predict the family will have to make difficult choices and sacrifices to save the business heading into season 6.

With so many loose ends from previous seasons, fans have come up with very intriguing predictions for what might go down in the drama-filled Family Business season 5. The premiere can’t come soon enough!


Season 5 of Family Business promises to be the most exciting one yet for fans. As the Byrde family continues their dangerous balancing act between the Mexican cartel and the FBI, the stakes have never been higher.

This season is sure to have plenty of twists and turns that will keep viewers on the edge of their seats. Will Marty and Wendy be able to keep their family safe and get out of the Ozarks for good? Can Ruth get justice for Wyatt’s death? Fans are eagerly anticipating finding out.

As we get closer to the season premiere date, be sure to check the Family Business social media pages and website for new trailers, clips, and behind-the-scenes looks at the making of season 5. This inside access will provide great fodder for fan theories and predictions before the episodes start airing.

The Byrdes have become one of the most complex and engrossing families on television. We can’t wait to see how their story comes to an end when Family Business returns. Season 5 is set to be the most thrilling and satisfying conclusion yet for this hit drama series.

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