The Trackwrestling Mobile App: Pinning Down Victory on the Go

Trackwrestling Mobile App is a leading provider of wrestling tournament management and live streaming services. Founded in 2008, the company serves over 4,000 wrestling programs and hosts thousands of events each year.

In 2016, Trackwrestling launched its mobile app to make it easier for wrestlers, coaches, parents, and fans to stay connected to the sport. The app provides access to Trackwrestling’s suite of online tools for following wrestling at all levels.

The purpose of this article is to provide an overview of the Trackwrestling mobile app. We’ll cover the key features that allow you to view live and on-demand wrestling matches, track stats and rankings, access news and articles, and more. Whether you’re a wrestler looking to analyze your performance or a fan who wants to watch upcoming tournaments, the Trackwrestling app aims to enhance your connection to the sport.

Key Features

Trackwrestling’s mobile app provides users with a robust set of features to follow wrestling at all levels. Some of the key highlights include:

Scoring and Stats

Get real-time scoring, results, and statistics for college, high school, and youth wrestling events across the United States. Easily follow dual meets, tournaments, and more with continuously updated brackets, team scores, individual records, and rankings.

Live Video Streaming

For premier college wrestling events, Trackwrestling offers live and on-demand video streaming right in the app. Watch top NCAA programs and conferences compete live or replay full event videos after the action.

Record Tracking

Search and view season records, career records, and more for wrestlers at all levels. Look up any wrestler’s up-to-date varsity record for the current season as well as complete career records from youth through college.

News and Articles

Stay current with wrestling news, rankings, polls, interviews, and features. Read the latest articles covering all levels of wrestling in the United States and globally.


Get upcoming event schedules and set reminders. Easily view the calendar of events and set notifications for favorite teams and wrestlers.


Check team and individual national rankings for NCAA, NJCAA, and high school. Rankings are frequently updated during the season from respected polling organizations.

Scoring and Stats

The Trackwrestling mobile app provides real-time updates on matches and team scores so you can follow the action no matter where you are. As soon as a match finishes, the score is updated instantly so you always know who’s winning.

In addition to live scores, the app offers detailed individual and team stats. You can view each wrestler’s record, pins, tech falls, major decisions and more. Sort wrestler stats by weight class or team to analyze performances.

The app also includes helpful analytics and graphs to visualize trends. See how many points your team is scoring per match or view win percentage over time. The stats are comprehensive yet easy to understand at a glance.

With the Trackwrestling mobile app, you get the convenience of instant scoring combined with in-depth statistics and analytics. Whether you want a quick update on your favorite team or to dive into the numbers, the app has you covered. The real-time stats ensure you never miss a takedown no matter where you are.

Live Video Streaming

One of the key features of the Trackwrestling mobile app is the ability to live stream wrestling matches or watch them on-demand later. This gives users a convenient way to follow the action whether they’re at the tournament or catching up after the fact.

The live streaming offers multi-mat viewing options so you can choose which mats to follow during tournament play. This is useful for catching all the action from your favorite teams or wrestlers competing on different mats. You don’t have to miss any of the excitement.

The video player also allows you to adjust the streaming quality based on your connection speed and data usage preferences. You can optimize the video resolution and smoothness to suit your needs. Lower quality uses less data for those worried about going over a limit, while higher quality provides the best viewing experience.

With live and on-demand streaming combined with multi-mat views and adjustable quality, Trackwrestling offers wrestling fans a robust platform to watch all their favorite matches in one place through the mobile app. No need to miss out just because you can’t be there in person.

Record Tracking

One of the standout features of the Trackwrestling mobile app is its robust record-tracking capabilities. The app automatically updates individual and team win/loss records in real time as matches occur. This eliminates the need for coaches or statisticians to manually enter results after each tournament or dual meet.

As soon as a match finishes, the app immediately logs the result and updates the wrestler’s record accordingly. It tracks total wins, losses, match-winning percentages, pins, technical falls, major decisions, and more. Coaches can view each athlete’s complete record history throughout the season.

The team records function similarly. Head coaches can monitor the team’s overall dual meet and tournament records. The app tallies team points scored at tournaments and dual meet team scores after each match. It also tracks the team’s record against specific opponents.

Having instant access to accurate records helps coaches evaluate performances over time. They can easily reference an individual’s record from past seasons or track the team’s progress compared to previous years. The automated record updates enable coaches to focus on coaching rather than administrative tasks.

Overall, the real-time record-tracking feature provides invaluable data to wrestlers, coaches, and fans. It’s an essential tool for any wrestling program looking to streamline stat keeping and get the most out of the Trackwrestling app.

News and Articles

The Trackwrestling mobile app is a great way to stay up to date on all the latest news and articles about wrestling.

Latest Wrestling News

The news section of the Trackwrestling app provides wrestling fans with all of the most recent stories and updates from the world of wrestling. As soon as news breaks about big events, major competitions, new signings, or other important developments, it will appear in the Trackwrestling news feed. Users can scroll through headlines and summaries to get a sense of all the top stories. Selecting a headline will bring up the full article so users can read all of the details. The news covers high school, college, and professional wrestling levels.

Articles, Interviews, Press Releases

In addition to news, Trackwrestling also offers in-depth articles, interviews with top wrestlers, and press releases. These provide more detailed information that fans crave. Articles may preview upcoming matches or events, analyze past competitions, examine rules and regulations, or profile standout wrestlers. Interviews give firsthand insight directly from the athletes themselves or from coaches. Press releases allow fans to stay up to date on the latest announcements from teams, leagues, brands, and other organizations related to wrestling.

The articles, interviews, and press releases on the Trackwrestling app offer wrestling fans all the extra coverage they want on topics of interest beyond breaking news stories. Users can gain more perspective and learn interesting facts through these features.


The Trackwrestling mobile app makes it easy to stay on top of the wrestling schedule. Users can view an upcoming events calendar that shows major competitions across age groups and regions. Simply browse the calendar to see what events are coming up.

For favorite events, users can add them directly to their personal device calendar with just a tap. This automatically syncs the wrestling schedule with the calendar app on your phone. Get notifications leading up to the event so you never miss an important competition.

The app also allows you to follow specific teams and wrestlers. Enable notifications about their upcoming matches and get alerts when they are about to wrestle. It’s a convenient way to keep up with your favorite wrestlers and teams without having to manually track when they compete.

With the robust schedule features in the Trackwrestling mobile app, it’s easy to know when and where the top wrestling events are happening. Sync them to your calendar and get notifications so you can watch and support your favorite wrestlers and teams.


One of the most useful features of the Trackwrestling mobile app is the ability to view up-to-date individual and team rankings at the high school, college, and international levels. The rankings are frequently updated based on results entered into Trackwrestling’s database.

The app provides rankings for various geographic regions, weight classes, ages, and more. You can filter and sort the rankings based on your preferences. For example, you could view the top-ranked 120lb high school wrestlers in the state of Iowa.

The ranking algorithm takes into account each wrestler’s win/loss record, strength of schedule, past results, and other factors. More emphasis is placed on recent competition results. The algorithm is designed to mimic the ranking logic that human polls use.

Having access to real-time rankings helps wrestlers and coaches benchmark themselves against the competition. It enables them to analyze trends and identify potential opponents they may face at upcoming tournaments. Fans also enjoy browsing the rankings to follow individual stars and see which teams are topping the polls.

The rankings section adds an extra layer of connectivity to the wrestling community. It motivates athletes to compete and perform to improve their standing. Overall, the rankings feature enhances the app’s utility for all users interested in the sport.

Additional Features

The Trackwrestling mobile app offers several handy additional features beyond scoring, stats, and streaming. These convenient extras help customize the experience for users.


The Favorites section allows you to bookmark your favorite wrestlers, teams, and events. This provides quick access to view schedules, rosters, results, and more for your selected favorites all in one place. No more hunting around – your key focus areas are right at your fingertips.


Customizable alerts ensure you never miss something important. Set up notifications for upcoming bouts, team wins, individual records, and more. Alerts can be configured to your unique preferences.


Don’t know exactly where to find a specific wrestler, team, or event? The robust search functionality helps you quickly track them down. Search by name, event, date, or other keywords to easily find relevant info.


Adjust app settings to suit your needs and preferences. Options include:

  • Dark/light mode
  • Default start page
  • Notifications
  • Account management
  • Help and support

The settings menu enables you to customize your Trackwrestling mobile experience for maximum convenience.


The Trackwrestling mobile app provides a comprehensive experience for wrestling fans and participants. With its robust features for scoring, stats, video streaming, record tracking, news, schedules, and rankings, it becomes an indispensable resource.

The key benefits of using the Trackwrestling app include:

  • Staying up-to-date on the latest news, events, rankings, and videos in the wrestling world

  • Easily tracking wrestlers’ records, stats, and progress throughout the season

  • Watching live and on-demand wrestling matches and events from your mobile device

  • Recording stats and scores for your team’s matches and tournaments

  • Accessing schedules, results, and details for upcoming meets and championships

  • Viewing rankings for all age groups and skill levels

With its focus on usability and comprehensive wrestling coverage, the Trackwrestling app is a must-have for involved fans and participants in the sport. Download it today to enhance your enjoyment and engagement with wrestling.

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