The Best Electronic Dart Board of 2023

Best Electronic Dart Board has come a long way since the traditional bristle board first emerged centuries ago. While the original dartboard was simply a round wooden disc filled with bundles of pig or horse hair, the modern Best Electronic Dart Board showcases impressive technological advancements.

The electronic dartboard first arrived on the scene in the 1970s, providing automated scoring capabilities that enhanced gameplay and convenience. Since then, electronic dartboards have exploded in popularity, offering digital features like animated gameplay, a vast array of gaming options, and online multiplayer capabilities.

Today’s electronic dartboards provide a high-tech upgrade to the traditional game. Key features include:

  • Automated scoring system – Electronic dartboards have sensors to track where darts land, automatically calculating scores and totals for you. This eliminates manual scoring errors and makes games faster.

  • Digital display – The best Electronic Dart Board has an LCD or LED screen that shows scores, player names, game options, and more. The display enhances visibility and gameplay.

  • Variety of games – Electronic dartboards come pre-programmed with a wide selection of games, ranging from classics like Cricket to more modern options. You can enjoy a range of solo, team, and multiplayer games.

  • Player capacity – Many electronic dartboards can support a high number of players, allowing for competitive team games. Some accommodate 16+ players.

  • Online connectivity – Higher-end electronic dartboards offer online multiplayer features, allowing remote players to compete from different locations.

With instant scoring, expanded gameplay, and multiplayer options, it’s no wonder electronic dartboards have become a top choice for both casual and competitive play. This guide will explore the key features to look for when shopping for the best electronic dartboard.

How Electronic Dartboards Work

Best Electronic Dart Board uses sensors and a microprocessor to detect where a dart hits the board and calculate the score. This allows them to provide instant scoring feedback to players.

The main playing surface contains thousands of microscopic holes. Each hole has a sensor inside that detects when the tip of a dart enters it. The sensors send data to the microprocessor about where the dart has landed.

The microprocessor uses this location data to determine what segment was hit and calculate the score. It then instantly displays the updated score on an LCD or LED screen built into the dartboard.

Many electronic dartboards have additional features powered by this technology. Some can keep track of statistics for individual players like their average score or number of bullseyes. Others have multiplayer game modes with different scoring rules.

Some high-end electronic dartboards can even connect wirelessly to external devices like smartphones, tablets, and computers. Companion apps unlock more gameplay options, allow remote scorekeeping, and provide tools for tracking your statistics over time.

So in summary, electronic dartboards use sensors and computing technology to detect dart impacts, score automatically, and add “smart” features not possible with traditional bristle boards. This enhances the experience for both casual and competitive players.

Key Features to Look For

When shopping for an electronic dartboard, there are several key features to consider that can enhance your gameplay experience:

Number of Players Supported

Most electronic boards support 2-8 players. If you frequently have large groups over, opt for a model that accommodates 8 players. But even a 2 player board can work for more people by rotating play.

Types of Games Available

Basic boards include games like 301 or Cricket, while advanced models offer 100+ games with variations like Shanghai, Double Down, Quick Cricket, and more. Choose a board with enough variety to keep your interest.

Connectivity Options

Higher-end dartboards have Bluetooth or WiFi connectivity for wireless scoring and multiplayer matchups. This allows players to use companion apps on their smartphone or tablet to track statistics, create online profiles, and compete remotely against friends.

Display Type and Size

Standard boards have a 15.5” target area, while some larger models are 18-20” for more room. Displays also vary from basic LED number scoring to colorful LCD screens with animations and graphics. Larger, brighter displays are easier to view from a distance.

Durability and Board Construction

Look for a board with a durable outer frame, internal spider wires to reduce bounce-outs, and a high-quality board surface that can withstand repeated dart impacts without wearing. Aircraft-grade metals, nylon fiber boards, and steel tip dart compatibility lead to greater longevity.

Top Brands

When shopping for an electronic dartboard, there are several top brands to consider that consistently produce high-quality boards.


Arachnid is one of the most well-known and reputable electronic dartboard brands. They offer boards for recreational play as well as tournament-level boards approved for sanctioned play. Some of their most popular models include the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 which comes preloaded with 39 games and the Galaxy 3 with a 15.5” target area. Arachnid boards are known for their durability, bright LED displays, and smooth bullseye.


Viper makes electronic dartboards designed for casual play up to competitive tournaments. They have a range of options from basic no-frills boards to feature-packed models with games, online connectivity, and voice prompts. Some of their top boards are the Viper Neptune and Viper 777. Viper boards stand out with their ultra-thin segment dividers for reduced bounce-outs.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat produces electronic dartboards with innovative features at affordable prices. Their boards cater to recreational players with options like the Fat Cat Rave with party lights and sound effects. The Fat Cat 727 is a top choice that comes loaded with 57 games. Fat Cat boards are known for their durable nylon construction and user-friendly designs.

Bristle Dartboards

For a classic feel combined with electronic capabilities, Bristle Dartboards makes boards with sisal bristle surfaces surrounding the target area. Their boards have ultra-slim dividers between segments to reduce bounce-outs. Top models include the ElectroBristle and CyberBristle. Bristle dartboards appeal to traditionalists while still offering electronic scoring and multiplayer options.

Gran Board

Gran Board makes electronic dartboards designed for convenience and portability. Their signature product is the Gran Board 3, an ultra-thin LED board that can hang on a wall or sit on a tabletop. It recognizes different dart types and automatically scores each throw. Gran Board is a great option for small spaces, travel, or quick games.

Best for Families

Families with kids of different ages and skill levels will want an electronic dartboard that offers a wide variety of games to accommodate everyone. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is an excellent choice that the whole family can enjoy.

This model comes programmed with 39 games, including all the classics like Cricket, 01, Around the Clock, and Shanghai. It can support up to 8 players with individual scoring displays, so everyone can join in. The game options range from super simple to more complex, so both kids and adults will find games at their level.

The Cricket Pro 800 has a very user-friendly design with an intuitive menu system and LCD scoring displays. It’s easy for kids to navigate and set up games themselves. The catch ring on the segments helps prevent bounce-outs, which is great for beginners. There are also optional handicaps to even out skill differences.

With so many game choices, players of any age can find something fun to suit their interests. The Cricket Pro 800 has something for everyone and is designed to handle active family play. It’s a top choice for families looking for an electronic dartboard for exciting multiplayer action.

Best for Serious/Competitive Players

For dart players who compete in leagues or tournaments, having the right electronic dartboard is crucial. You’ll want a board that can stand up to heavy use and abuse. Connectivity for online play and stat tracking are also key features.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is an excellent choice for serious competitors. This electronic dartboard has a tournament-quality playing surface made of a micro-thin segmenting that heals itself after throws. The segments are also staple-free for maximum durability.

With 179 games, including all the staples like Cricket, 01, Around the World, and more, the Cricket Pro 800 has all the variety players need. It connects to Arachnid’s Nodor app for online games, leagues, and tournaments. The app tracks individual player statistics too.

While pricey, the Cricket Pro 800 offers everything a competitive dart player needs. The durable build quality ensures it will last through heavy play. And online connectivity provides a platform for improving skills and competing. For dart enthusiasts who want a pro-level electronic board, the Cricket Pro 800 is a top choice.

Best on a Budget

If you’re looking for the Best Electronic Dart Board that delivers quality and fun without breaking the bank, there are some great options to consider. When shopping on a budget, focus on finding a board with the core features you need, rather than paying for bells and whistles you may not use.

One of the top affordable boards is the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800. This straightforward electronic board has all the key basics – a 15.5-inch target area, nylon tough segments, games like Cricket and 301, and automatic scoring. The LCD display is easy to read and keeps score for up to 8 players. With 39 games and over 100 options, it offers plenty of variety.

The Cricket Pro 800 also includes 6 soft-tip darts. While the darts are lightweight, they’re decent quality for casual play. For under $50, this Arachnid model delivers solid performance. It may not have as many fancy options as pricier boards but provides excellent value.

If you want a slightly larger playing surface, the Viper Neptune is another budget-friendly choice. At 17.5 inches, the target area is a bit bigger than standard. It comes with 6 steel-tip darts and has an ultra-thin segment divider for reduced bounce-outs. With 57 games and 132 options, it offers extensive variety without costing a fortune.

For casual play at home, these affordable boards deliver. Focus on the basics – smooth scoring, durable segments, and fun games. Adding on accessories later is easy if you want to upgrade. But for budget-minded players, opting for a quality no-frills electronic board can maximize value.

Accessories to Consider

Electronic dartboards open up a whole world of accessories to enhance your game and playing experience. Here are some of the top accessories to consider:

Extra Darts

Having a good set of darts is crucial for optimal play. Most electronic dartboard sets come with around 6 darts, but it’s wise to invest in some extra. This allows you to have darts designated for individual players, provides backups in case any get damaged, and gives you options to try different weights and styles. Many pros recommend getting at least 2-3 extra sets. High-quality brass darts with nylon or aluminum shafts are recommended for electronic boards.


A surround or backboard placed around the dartboard helps protect your walls from errant throws and ricochets. It also provides a more authentic, professional look. Surrounds come in many sizes and styles – from basic to elaborate. Look for one that’s well-constructed and sturdy. Some surrounds have scoreboards, storage, and lighting built in for convenience.


Proper lighting helps you see the dartboard clearly and prevents eye strain. Dedicated dartboard lights are available, often with flexible gooseneck designs. Make sure the light is positioned well so there’s no glare on the board. Some prefer softer mood lighting to prevent harsh shadows. Experiment to find optimal lighting for your playing space.

Dart Holders

A dedicated dart holder provides safe, convenient storage right by the board. Magnetic holders allow you to simply drop darts in without worrying about losing them. Holders come in various sizes, shapes and designs – wall-mounted, freestanding, acrylic, metal, etc. Consider how many darts you need to store when selecting a holder.


A scoreboard lets you keep track of scores during games and creates a more official experience. Manual chalk/dry-erase boards work, but electronic boards are popular for convenience and automatic scoring functions. Some surrounds come with built-in electronic boards. You can also find standalone scoreboards, including options that connect to your smartphone.

Maintenance Tips

Proper maintenance is key to keeping your electronic dartboard working well for years. Here are some tips:

Cleaning Sensors

  • The sensors on the Best Electronic Dart Board are very sensitive. Use a can of compressed air to gently blow away any dust or debris around the sensors.

  • Never use liquids or cleaning solutions, as this can damage the sensors.

  • Wipe the area around the sensors gently with a microfiber cloth. Avoid rubbing the sensors directly.

Replacing Worn Parts

  • With regular use, parts like the catch ring around the dart holes and the spider separating the scoring zones will wear out over time. Check for excessive wear and replace as needed.

  • Replacement parts are available from the manufacturer or third-party suppliers. Follow instructions to properly install any new parts.

Battery Changing

  • Best Electronic Dart Board runs on batteries, usually 4 AA batteries. Check batteries regularly and replace them when depleted for optimal performance.

  • Use only new, high-quality alkaline batteries. Rechargeable batteries often do not provide consistent voltage.

  • Follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper battery installation and replacement. Remove batteries if storing dartboard for long periods.

Following Manufacturer Guidelines

  • Read your electronic dartboard’s instruction manual thoroughly for care and maintenance recommendations specific to your model.

  • Pay attention to troubleshooting tips and when to replace worn parts. Don’t try to modify or fix internal components yourself.

  • Contact the manufacturer if you have any issues not addressed in the manual. Proper care will maximize your dartboard’s lifespan.

The Future of Electronic Dartboards

Electronic dartboards continue to advance with new technology and innovations. Here are some key areas of future development:

Integration of Online Gaming and Leagues

More electronic dartboards will integrate online gaming and league play. Some models already allow gamers to compete against others around the world through online tournaments and leaderboards. Expect this connectivity to expand, allowing dart enthusiasts to join online leagues, track stats, and compete in a wider range of competitions from home.

Use of Alternative Materials

Future electronic dartboards may incorporate different materials beyond the standard sisal/bristle fibers. Options like plastic, rubberized spikes, or other synthetic fibers could provide greater durability and consistency over the life of the board. New materials can also allow for different board textures and playing experiences.

Advancing AI Opponents

Artificial intelligence (AI) opponents will become more advanced and realistic. Some electronic boards already feature computer-controlled opponents with various skill levels. As AI programming improves, computer players will more closely mimic human strategies, mistakes, and inconsistencies to provide a more natural playing experience. They may even integrate machine learning to adapt their play style based on yours.

Innovative Display Options

Display technology for electronic scoreboards will expand as well. From integrated LCD panels to projections directly onto the board, new display options will aim to increase visibility and provide more game information. Touchscreens, voice commands, and mobile integration could also enter the mix for more interactive experiences.

As Best Electronic Dart Board gains popularity, they will continue leveraging the latest technology to attract new players and enhance gameplay. The future promises exciting innovations for both amateurs looking for entertainment and pros seeking high-competition training.

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