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Trackwrestling app is one of the world’s oldest sports, with competitive matches dating back over 15,000 years. It is one of the original Olympic sports, featured at the ancient Olympic Games in 708 BC. Wrestling has evolved dramatically over the centuries but remains a beloved and popular sport practiced around the globe.

A key aspect of wrestling is tracking match results and statistics. This allows competitors, coaches, and fans to analyze performance over time and make strategic decisions. However, tracking wrestling matches, results, rankings, and statistics has historically been a tedious manual process. This gave rise to the need for specialized software to help streamline and automate wrestling data tracking.

Overview of Trackwrestling

Trackwrestling is a mobile and web app designed specifically for wrestling teams, coaches, athletes, and fans. Originally launched in 2008 by The Matboss, Trackwrestling aims to be the most comprehensive wrestling management platform available.

Some of the key features and functionality of Trackwrestling include:

  • Match tracking and stats: Trackwrestling allows real-time tracking and recording of wrestling matches. It captures detailed statistics like takedowns, reversals, near falls, stalling calls, and penalties. These stats are then compiled into a searchable database.

  • Team management tools: The app provides tools to manage entire wrestling teams and programs. Coaches can track rosters, create lineups, record results, and generate reports. There are administrative features to manage teams, events, athletes, and users.

  • Scheduling and event management: Trackwrestling enables coaches or tournament directors to schedule dual meets, tournaments, and other events. It helps automate tasks like seeding brackets, assigning matchups, and advancing place winners.

  • Analytics and insights: Users get access to a wealth of wrestling data and analytics. The app generates reports on individual and team performance. Coaches can analyze trends, identify areas for improvement, and make data-driven decisions.

  • Connectivity and sharing: Trackwrestling connects users through its platform. Coaches can share event details, rosters can be synced, and results get published online. This allows for coordination and collaboration across teams, clubs, and wrestling communities.

With its robust set of features purpose-built for wrestling, Trackwrestling aims to help wrestlers, coaches, and fans get the most out of the sport. The app continues to add new functionality as technology and user needs evolve.

User Profiles

The Trackwrestling app is designed for different types of wrestling users including wrestlers, coaches, parents, and fans. Users can sign up for an account directly through the app or website.

Wrestlers – Wrestlers can use the app to track their matches, review stats and analytics, connect with teammates, share photos and videos, and more. After creating an account, wrestlers add their team and input their profile details like name, weight class, record, etc. Wrestlers must be added to a team roster by a coach to access full features.

Coaches – Coaches use Trackwrestling to manage team rosters, create lineups, track wrestler records and stats, schedule events and practices, and share updates.

Parents & Fans – Parents of wrestlers can get the app to follow their child’s matches and activities. It’s a great way for family members and other fans to stay updated on team events, view wrestler profiles and stats, share photos and videos, and more. Parents and fans can create free accounts but have limited access compared to wrestlers and coaches.

The user-friendly platform makes it simple to create an account, build a member profile, and start using Trackwrestling as a wrestler, coach, parent, or fan. Robust administrative tools allow coaches to manage teams while individual profiles and stats empower wrestlers to monitor their progress.

Match Tracking

Trackwrestling allows users to easily track wrestling matches and view results in real time. The app provides live scoring and updates as matches progress so you can follow along even if you can’t watch in person.

Users can input match results directly into the app which then updates brackets, standings, and records automatically. There is an intuitive scoring interface for tracking takedowns, reversals, escapes, penalties and more. All match data is saved so users can go back and review detailed play-by-plays, statistics, and analytics.

Some key features of Track wrestling’s match-tracking capabilities:

  • Live scoring – Enter scoring events as they happen to update match status and results
  • Bracket updates – Match results automatically advance wrestlers in tournament brackets
  • Team scoring – Points are tallied across all bouts to track team scores
  • Real-time standings – Team and individual standings update instantaneously
  • Detailed stats – View detailed breakdowns of takedowns, reversals, nearfalls, penalties and more
  • Records – Match data is saved to update career records across multiple seasons
  • Play-by-play – Revisit detailed breakdowns of key moments in a match
  • Weight tracking – Track exact weights for weigh-ins

With Trackwrestling, coaches, athletes, parents and fans can follow all the action of a wrestling match whether they are matside or miles away. The app provides the necessary tools to capture every detail needed to analyze performance and results.

Team Management

Trackwrestling app provides extensive tools for coaches to manage their team’s rosters and lineups efficiently. Coaches can create rosters, track wrestler profiles, and set up lineups for dual meets and tournaments.

The team management features allow coaches to:

  • Easily add and remove wrestlers from the team roster. Coaches can input information like name, weight class, record, etc.

  • Build lineups for dual meets by dragging and dropping wrestlers into the desired slots. Lineups can be saved and reused.

  • Create lineup templates for tournaments to pre-seed wrestlers into brackets. Templates help coaches determine optimal seeding configurations.

  • View analytical insights like win percentage, pins, tech falls and more for each wrestler. This helps inform lineup decisions.

  • Access weight tracking tools to monitor each wrestler’s weight fluctuations over time. This ensures wrestlers are on target to make weight.

  • Communicate with the team through built-in messaging. Coaches can message individuals or the entire team from within Trackwrestling.

  • Share schedules, documents and other resources with wrestlers. This keeps the team organized and aligned.

The robust team management toolkit enables coaches to spend less time on administrative tasks and more time coaching their wrestlers. Trackwrestling streamlines team organization so coaches can focus on strategy and skill development.

Scheduling Tools

Trackwrestling provides robust tools to handle all aspects of scheduling and running wrestling events. This includes features like:

  • Event Scheduling and Calendar: Easily create and schedule upcoming events, dual meets, and tournaments right in the app. The calendar view makes it simple to see your schedule at a glance.

  • Registration and Weigh-Ins: Manage wrestler registration including collecting payment, waiver signatures, weight certifications and more. The app can guide wrestlers through on-site weigh-in processes.

  • Brackets and Seeding: Brackets are automatically generated based on your event rules. Easily make seeding adjustments right in the app.

  • Bout Management: Keep track of bout order, mat assignments, bout scores and results. The app helps move your event along seamlessly.

  • Referee Assignments: Assign referees to mats and bouts in advance or on the fly during the event. Referees can indicate bout winners/scoring right in the app.

  • Live Scoring and Video: Enable live scoring and video streaming to share event action as it happens with spectators.

With Trackwrestling, running well-organized wrestling events and tournaments is easier than ever. The app brings professional-level tools right to your fingertips.

Analytics and Insights

The Trackwrestling app provides powerful analytics and insights to help coaches and wrestlers identify strengths and weaknesses. With the app’s advanced stat tracking features, it’s easy to break down individual and team performance over time.

The app tracks comprehensive stats for each wrestler including takedowns, reversals, near falls, pins, match results, and more. All of this data rolls up to provide insights on the team’s overall performance. Coaches can easily see trends in the stats to recognize areas that need improvement.

For individual wrestlers, the app generates a wrestler profile that highlights their win/loss record, pin percentage, takedown percentage, and other key stats. This makes it simple to identify each wrestler’s strengths to leverage, and weaknesses to improve. The app can even compare teammates head-to-head showing who dominates in certain skill areas.

With its wealth of analytics, Trackwrestling enables data-driven coaching decisions. Coaches can use insights from the app to tailor training and drilling to focus on the skills each wrestler needs to develop. It becomes easy to set measurable goals around improving takedown defense, increasing pins, reducing penalties, and more.

The app also calculates team rankings and standings for dual meets and tournaments. This allows coaches to track the team’s progress throughout the season and set goals around improving ranking and winning percentages.

With Trackwrestling, coaches don’t need to rely on intuition or memory alone. The app provides the hard data on individual and team performance, so you can make smart coaching choices rooted in analytics and insights.

Connectivity and Sharing

The Trackwrestling app makes it easy for users to connect with other wrestlers, coaches, teams, and fans. The social features allow you to:

  • Follow other users and teams to see their activity in your feed. Get updates on matches, workout logs, technique videos, and more from the people and teams you want to keep up with.

  • Connect with friends and rivals. See upcoming events you’ll both be competing at and smack talk before the match!

  • Share your own matches, results, technique videos, etc. Post your proudest moments and progress markers to motivate others.

  • Join groups and forums to discuss wrestling with other passionate members of the community. Ask questions, give advice, and make connections.

  • Integration with major social media platforms lets you easily share content to your other accounts and expand your audience.

Connecting with fellow wrestlers, coaches, teams, and fans is a hugely valuable part of the experience. The Trackwrestling app facilitates this by giving you tools to share your passion with others who share it too. Staying engaged with the community will keep you fired up and focused on improving.


Trackwrestling offers various subscription plans to meet the needs of different users.

  • For individual wrestlers, a basic subscription is available for free. This includes features like recording matches and stats, connecting with teammates, and viewing some analytics.

  • For coaches, there are paid plans that provide additional features like managing team rosters, scheduling matches and practices, analyzing performances, and sharing instructions. Prices start at $8 per month.

  • For tournament directors and event organizers, paid plans allow managing brackets and seeding, live scoring, and post-event analytics. Prices range from $12-$25 per month depending on event size.

  • For fans and parents, a free spectator account allows following favorite teams and wrestlers. Paid fan plans with enhanced stats and analytics are also available starting at $5 per month.

  • Group and team plans are available with bulk discounts. Academic pricing is offered for youth, high school, and college teams.

The core benefits of paid plans include advanced analytics, coaching tools, live scoring, bracket management, and integration with various platforms. While the free version offers basic functions, paid plans unlock more robust features for competitive tracking, training, and administration.


Trackwrestling is an innovative app that is transforming how wrestlers, coaches, and fans engage with the sport. With its robust set of features that cover everything from match tracking to analytics, it provides tremendous value for all users.

Key features like the intuitive match tracker and detailed team management tools help coaches streamline processes and get more out of practices and competitions. Wrestlers benefit from being able to analyze their performance with data and video to continue improving. The connectivity options give fans new ways to follow the sport and support their favorite athletes and teams.

Looking ahead, Trackwrestling is well-poised to continue growing in popularity and expanding its user base. As more teams and leagues adopt the platform, the data aggregated across competitions will become an increasingly valuable resource. This will enable even richer analytics and comparative benchmarking over time. The developers continue to refine the app and add new capabilities, showing a commitment to innovation.

With its current momentum, Trackwrestling has emerged as an essential tool for the wrestling community. For athletes, coaches, and fans alike, it elevates the experience and engagement with the sport they are so passionate about. The app delivers an unparalleled level of convenience, organization, analysis, and connectivity that points to an exciting future for wrestling.

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