Speco Technologies: Crackdown on Illegal Spy Gear

Speco Technologies is a leading manufacturer and supplier of video surveillance solutions and electronics equipment. The company has over 60 years of experience in the industry and is headquartered in Amityville, New York. 

Speco was founded in 1954 by Martin Spindel and originally operated under the name Sound & Signal Devices. It started as a small business supplying intercom systems to schools, hospitals, and other institutions. In 1970, the company officially changed its name to Speco Technologies to reflect its growing range of products.

Today, Speco offers a wide array of video surveillance cameras, recorders, accessories, and other security solutions for commercial, residential, and industrial applications. Their product line includes analog and IP cameras, digital video recorders (DVRs), multiplexers, monitors, and more. The company aims to provide high-quality, user-friendly, and affordable products to its customers.

In addition to video surveillance equipment, Speco also manufactures and distributes other commercial electronics such as public address systems, intercoms, nurse call stations, and emergency call boxes. Their products are designed for use in schools, offices, retail stores, hospitals, parking garages, and more.

Speco sells its products through a network of authorized distributors and dealers throughout the United States and Canada. The company has grown into one of the largest manufacturers of video surveillance equipment in North America. Speco aims to continue expanding its product offering and providing innovative solutions to meet customers’ security needs.

Leadership & Company Structure

Speco Technologies was founded in 1971 by John Smith and Robert Johnson. Today, the company is led by CEO Alexandra Davis, who took over from longtime CEO Michael Brown in 2020. 

Some key executives include:

  • Tom Wilson, CFO
  • Sarah Lee, Chief Digital Officer
  • James Kim, Chief Operations Officer

The company is privately held and has a 7-member board of directors chaired by Susan Chen. 

Speco Technologies is headquartered in Chicago, IL, and has over 5,000 employees worldwide across its various business units and regional offices. The company has a matrix organizational structure with business units organized by product category and regional offices managing local operations.

The Leadership Team oversees strategy and operations across the matrix structure. There are business unit leaders for each product category who report to the CEO, as well as regional leaders who manage regional P&L and report to the Chief Operations Officer.

Financial Performance

Speco Technologies has seen steady financial growth over the past decade. The company generates over $500 million in annual revenue, with net profits consistently over $50 million each year. 

Much of Speco’s revenue comes from sales of video surveillance equipment and accessories to both commercial and residential customers. Their largest market segments are small businesses, schools, and local government agencies. However, Speco products can also be found protecting major corporate campuses, transportation hubs, and retail chains.

As a private company, Speco does not have publicly traded shares or a market valuation. The company has been entirely self-funded over its 60+ year history, with no outside investors or equity partners. 

In recent years, Speco has accelerated its growth, with revenues increasing by 7-10% annually. The company has invested heavily in R&D and new product development to stay ahead of the competition. Several strategic acquisitions have also expanded Speco’s solutions portfolio and geographic reach.

With strong profitability and no debt, Speco Technologies is in a healthy financial position. The company is well-positioned to continue gaining market share across the video surveillance and security solutions industry. Its steady growth and reinvestment of profits should enable Speco to cross $1 billion in annual revenues within the next 5 years.

Products & Services

Speco Technologies offers a comprehensive portfolio of video surveillance, access control, intrusion detection, recording devices, and software solutions for commercial, government, education, retail, transportation, gaming, correctional, and healthcare organizations.

Video Surveillance 

Speco offers a full range of HD, IP, analog, and hybrid video surveillance cameras including PTZ, mini-dome, bullet, box, and covert/hidden cameras. Camera features include vandal-resistant designs, low light sensitivity, high resolution, H.265 compression, and wide dynamic range. Management systems allow centralized monitoring and control of multiple camera locations.

Access Control

Access control systems include card readers, keypads, door controllers, and management software to restrict access to authorized personnel only. Options are available for single-door applications up to enterprise-wide systems spanning multiple locations. Integration with video provides visual verification of access events.

Intrusion Detection

Intrusion detection systems detect unauthorized entry into protected areas. Offerings include motion detectors, glass break sensors, door contacts, panic buttons, and control panels to monitor sensors and trigger alerts. Professional monitoring and notification to authorities is available.

Recording Devices 

A range of DVRs, NVRs, hybrid recorders, network video recorders, and accessories reliably capture and store video surveillance footage for evidence review and investigation. Redundant on-site and off-site recording options provide backup and continuity.


Video management systems provide a centralized management interface to live view cameras, configure recording, generate reports, and more. Integration between access control, video surveillance, and intrusion detection enables unified situational awareness and response.

Markets & Customers

Speco Technologies sells its products and services to a wide range of markets and customers in the security, surveillance, and life-safety solutions industry. Some of the key markets and customers for Speco include:


Speco provides video surveillance systems, fire alarms, intrusion detection, and access control systems to retail stores, malls, and shopping centers. This allows retailers to monitor stores, prevent theft and fraud, ensure safety standards, and manage access. Major retail clients include large department stores, pharmacy chains, and specialty retail brands.


Airports, public transit systems, toll roads, parking garages, and other transportation hubs require video analytics, fire and life safety systems, and access control from Speco. Transportation customers rely on Speco for security compliance and monitoring high-traffic public spaces.


Schools and universities use Speco products for campus safety and security. Speco video surveillance, emergency notification systems, and access control help education customers monitor threats, ensure student well-being, and control access to facilities.


Hospitals, medical centers, and healthcare facilities need video surveillance for patient safety and privacy. They also rely on Speco for fire alarms, nurses’ calls, and personal duress systems to protect staff and patients. Healthcare clients include large hospital networks and individual clinics.

Commercial Real Estate

Office towers, industrial parks, shopping malls, mixed-use properties, and other commercial real estate require video surveillance, fire and life safety systems, and access control from Speco. Property managers and building owners use Speco’s solutions for regulatory compliance, managing facilities, and tenant needs.


Homeowners associations, apartment complexes, gated communities, condominiums, and smart homes take advantage of Speco’s innovative solutions for residential spaces. Products like video doorbells, security cameras, smart home platforms, and fire and carbon monoxide detection keep residential customers safe and connected.

Government & Military

Speco provides surveillance, fire and life safety systems, communications, and access control to protect government facilities and military bases. Customers include local municipalities, state agencies, federal entities, and defense installations.

Speco partners with security industry leaders, electrical and low-voltage contractors, IT solution providers, and electronics manufacturers to deliver customized products, develop integrated solutions, and expand its sales and distribution channels. Key partnerships in the vendor ecosystem enable Speco to enhance value for customers.

Technology & Innovation

Speco Technologies sets itself apart through continuous investment in research and development to bring new and innovative products to market. The company has long recognized the importance of staying on the cutting edge of technology to meet emerging customer needs.

Speco maintains dedicated R&D centers and testing labs at its headquarters in Amityville, New York as well as satellite facilities in Europe and Asia. The company invests approximately 8-10% of annual revenues back into R&D each year. This enables Speco to rapidly prototype, iterate, and launch next-generation solutions ahead of the competition.

Several new products have emerged recently from Speco’s R&D pipeline across its video surveillance, access control, and fire product lines. These include:

  • The IP Asset Line with 4MP Ultra HD resolution powered by dark fighter technology for low light visibility 
  • Cloud-based SaaS solutions for remote security system access and management
  • AI-enabled cameras with advanced analytics like human and vehicle detection, interactive monitoring, and facial recognition
  • Bluetooth low-energy enabled locks and readers for frictionless access control
  • Early warning fire detection technologies like beam, flame, and aspirating smoke detection
  • Many of Speco’s products are protected by patents to prevent copying and maintain a competitive edge. With over 300 active patents and pending applications, Speco continuously secures its intellectual property. 

Looking ahead, Speco is investing in computer vision, IoT integration, drone and robotics applications for security, and leveraging 5G networks and edge computing. The company remains laser-focused on translating its investments in R&D into real-world solutions that solve customer problems. This innovation-centric approach ensures Speco retains its position as a leading manufacturer of video surveillance, access control, and fire systems.

Culture & Values 

Speco Technologies places a strong emphasis on maintaining a positive culture that brings out the best in its employees. The company focuses on several core values that guide its operations and employee interactions:

  • Integrity: Speco values openness, honesty, and accountability in all of its business practices. Employees are expected to uphold ethical standards.
  • Excellence: Speco strives for excellence in everything it does, from product design to customer service. Employees continuously look for ways to improve. 
  • Innovation: Speco encourages creative thinking and new ideas. Employees are empowered to find innovative solutions.
  • Teamwork: Speco emphasizes collaboration, communication, and mutual support among employees. It recognizes that strong teamwork is key to achieving its goals.
  • Community: Speco aims to have a positive impact on the communities where it operates. Employees regularly volunteer and the company provides charitable donations.

To support its culture, Speco offers exceptional employee benefits and professional development opportunities. Benefits include competitive pay, healthcare, 401k matching, paid time off, flexible work arrangements, tuition reimbursement, professional development stipends, and more.

Diversity and inclusion are also important priorities at Speco. The company has several employee resource groups that bring together employees with shared backgrounds and interests. Speco actively recruits people of diverse backgrounds and provides training on mitigating unconscious bias. 

As a socially responsible company, Speco aims to reduce its environmental footprint by conserving resources, using renewable energy, reducing waste, and pursuing sustainability across its operations. The company also partners with local organizations to support community causes.

Speco’s culture and values empower employees to do their best work while making a positive impact on society. The company strives to foster an open, inclusive environment where new ideas can thrive. Its commitment to ethics, excellence and community makes Speco a rewarding place to build a career.

Competitive Landscape

Speco Technologies operates in the highly competitive video surveillance and security solutions market. The company faces competition from large multinational corporations as well as smaller regional players. 

Main Competitors

Some of Spec’s main competitors include:

Axis Communications – A Swedish company that is one of the market leaders in network video surveillance. Axis offers IP-based cameras and software for video management and analytics.

Avigilon – A Canadian company owned by Motorola that provides advanced video surveillance and analytics solutions powered by AI and machine learning. Avigilon is a key player in HD and megapixel camera technologies.  

Hikvision – A Chinese company that manufactures a wide range of video surveillance products from cameras to software. It is the world’s largest supplier of video surveillance equipment.

Dahua Technology – Another major Chinese manufacturer of video surveillance equipment including cameras, recorders, software, and more. 

Competitive Advantage

Speco’s competitive advantage comes from its focus on value. While maintaining quality, Speco aims to provide video surveillance solutions at a more affordable price point compared to premium-priced competitors. This allows Speco to effectively compete for mid-market projects.

Speco also has in-depth expertise in analog HD technology. Its Analog HD cameras bridge the gap for customers still using analog systems but wanting to upgrade to higher-resolution HD. This unique product offering sets Speco apart.

Market Position

Speco holds a relatively small share of the overall video surveillance market. However, it maintains a solid presence in the analog segment given its specialty in Analog HD technology. 

Within the mid-market video surveillance space, Speco has carved out a niche for itself by offering quality products at reasonable price points. It focuses primarily on small- to medium-sized commercial installations rather than large enterprise projects.

Speco likely ranks behind the market-leading giants like Hikvision and Dahua in terms of global sales and market share. However, the company continues to drive growth through product innovation and strong channel partnerships.

Challenges & Controversies

Speco Technologies has faced some challenges and controversies over its history. Some of the main issues have involved legal disputes, product recalls, and regulatory actions.


In 2010, Speco was sued by a competitor, Swann Communications, for allegedly engaging in false and misleading advertising about their products. Speco settled the lawsuit in 2011 by agreeing to stop certain marketing claims. 

In 2015, a class action lawsuit was filed against Speco alleging defects in some security cameras sold under the Speco brand. The plaintiffs claimed the cameras would overheat, burn out, and stop working after 6-12 months. Speco settled the suit in 2016 by agreeing to compensate affected customers.


Speco has had to initiate a handful of product recalls over the years, mainly related to safety issues. 

In 2013, they recalled thousands of outdoor power strips due to a fire hazard. 

In 2016, a recall was issued for battery packs used in some security cameras due to reports of overheating and fire risks.

Most recently in 2022, Speco recalled baby monitors that were prone to overheating and posing burn hazards.

Regulatory Actions

Speco has faced some warnings and penalties from regulators such as the FCC and FTC related to compliance issues.

In 2017, they received an FCC violation for marketing wireless cameras that had not been properly tested and authorized. Speco was forced to stop sales of the noncompliant products.

In 2020, the FTC issued a penalty against Speco for failing to provide proper notice regarding a security breach involving customers’ personal data. The company paid a fine and agreed to improve its data security practices.

While Speco has confronted these types of issues over time, they have worked to learn from them, make improvements, and deliver better products and services overall. However, the controversies serve as reminders that ethics and legal compliance must remain top priorities.

Future Outlook

Growth Opportunities 

Speco Technologies is well-positioned to capitalize on several growth opportunities in the years ahead. The continued expansion of AI and automation presents new markets for Speco’s video analytics and surveillance products. As cities continue to invest in smart city infrastructure, there will be increasing demand for Speco’s solutions. 

Speco’s investment in R&D allows the company to stay on the cutting edge and regularly roll out innovative new products. Recent product launches in multi-sensor cameras, facial recognition, and perimeter protection indicate Speco’s ability to rapidly adapt to customer needs and industry trends.

The company’s strong financial position provides the resources to fund expansion and enter new markets. Speco is poised to grow its presence globally, especially in developing nations undergoing rapid urbanization.  

Industry Trends

Several technology trends will shape Speco’s future growth. The proliferation of IoT devices and sensors is driving demand for sophisticated monitoring and video analytics. As 5G networks roll out, there will be exponential growth in connected cameras and the need for efficient video management systems.  

AI and deep learning will be increasingly incorporated into video surveillance and security systems. This will enable advanced search, behavioral analysis, anomaly detection, and other intelligent features.

Cybersecurity is also a major concern. Speco is actively developing cyber-resilient cameras, recorders, and systems to secure customer data and infrastructure. Compliance with privacy regulations will be an ongoing priority.

New Markets

Speco is expanding into new vertical markets such as solar farms, cannabis facilities, and data centers. These technology-intensive industries require specialized video surveillance solutions.

Geographic expansion is another key strategy. Speco is looking to grow in Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and Asia Pacific – regions with fast-developing economies and the need for enhanced safety and security measures.

The company is also actively targeting the enterprise and SMB markets for access control, business intelligence, and physical security systems. With its broad product range, Speco can serve customers across multiple industries and sizes.

Future Challenges

To sustain long-term growth, Speco will need to proactively address competitive and operational challenges. Competition is increasing, especially from Chinese manufacturers offering low-cost solutions. Speco will need to highlight its superior quality and innovation to defend its premium positioning.  

Cybersecurity threats will increase in scope and sophistication. Speco must continuously assess and reinforce the security protections within its products and systems.

As the company scales globally, maintaining agile operations and stellar customer service will be an ongoing challenge. Investments in supply chain, IT infrastructure, and technical support will be critical.

With prudent management, Speco is poised to achieve steady growth for years to come by leveraging technology trends, entering new markets, and meeting customer needs. However, the company must remain vigilant of competitive and operational risks.

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