Family Business Season 5: The Johnsons Double Down on Drama

Family Business Season 5 is an American reality television series that premiered in 2014 on the Bravo cable network. The show follows the daily operations and interpersonal dynamics of Sky Zone Trampoline Park franchises across the country that are owned and operated by families.

Over its first four seasons, Family Business has proven to be a ratings success for Bravo. It consistently draws over 1 million viewers per episode and ranks as one of the network’s most popular unscripted series. The show has developed a loyal following among viewers who are drawn to the entertaining family dynamics and behind-the-scenes look at running a family business.

Previous seasons of Family Business Season 5 have been based in cities like Dallas, Chicago, and Atlanta. They have featured charismatic families like the Slaughters, the McMichaels, and the Levines. Though each family faces their own unique challenges with running a business, the underlying drama and relationships resonate with audiences.

With its engaging format, Family Business has carved out a place among Bravo’s lineup of signature reality series. Fans are eager to see what the upcoming fifth season has in store.

Season 5 Announcement

After the immense success of the previous four seasons, the announcement of Family Business season 5 was highly anticipated by fans. In March 2022, Netflix finally revealed that the comedy series was renewed for a fifth season.

The news sparked excitement and celebrations amongst the show’s loyal fanbase. Many took to social media to express their joy and eagerly await details about the upcoming episodes.

The announcement stated that season 5 would feature 10 new episodes. It teased more hilarious mishaps and family bonding moments as the Johnsons continue running their recreational marijuana dispensary. Fans were assured that their favorite characters would be returning for more misadventures.

Key highlights mentioned in the season 5 announcement included the main cast reprising their roles, filming slated to begin summer 2022, and a potential 2023 premiere date. While plot details were scarce, the statement suggested new challenges and adventures for the Johnson family business this season.

Overall, the confirmation of a fifth season was welcome news for viewers enamored with the offbeat Johnson family dynamics. The show’s stellar ratings and popularity made the renewal inevitable. Now fans eagerly look forward to laughing along with their favorite dysfunctional TV family once again.

Returning Cast

The main cast members returning for Family Business season 5 include patriarch Joe, his wife Alicia, and their adult children London, Paris, Rio, and Orlando. Fans will be happy to see the full Banks family back together after last season’s tumultuous events.

Joe and Alicia Banks continue to anchor the show, providing wisdom and guidance to their children, though never without some drama. London Banks-Sullivan returns as the oldest sibling, now balancing her fashion career with motherhood. Her husband Devin Sullivan will also be back this season.

Middle siblings Paris and Rio also return, grappling with romance and rivalries in their personal lives. Paris was left heartbroken last season when her boyfriend Luka left her due to her refusal to have children. Rio has a new love interest this season after his previous girlfriend Gia moved away.

Youngest son Orlando comes back as the lovable screw-up of the family. He tries to get his life together this season after being cut off financially by Joe.

Notably absent this season is family cousin Vivian, who left the show last year. But producers promise some new faces will enter the Banks family circle and stir things up. Fans are eager to meet Joe’s estranged brother Roland, who makes his first appearance this season.

Filming Location

Season 5 of Family Business was filmed primarily in Los Angeles, California. The show moved filming locations from New York City, where the first four seasons were shot, to the West Coast for season 5.

Showrunner John Smith explained that the move was to help evolve the show and characters. “We felt bringing the Johnson family to LA would open up new storylines and provide a fresh backdrop after four seasons in New York,” Smith said.

Many of the indoor scenes were shot on sound stages in Hollywood. Outdoor scenes utilized iconic LA locations to highlight the Johnsons adjusting to West Coast life. For example, the family is shown hiking in Griffith Park and enjoying a day at Venice Beach.

The mansion that serves as the Johnson family’s new LA home is located in the Hollywood Hills. According to set designers, they wanted the home to reflect the family’s luxury lifestyle with sweeping views of the city.

While the majority of filming took place in Los Angeles, the season finale episode followed the family on a trip to Napa Valley. The wine country location provided a scenic end to the season as the Johnsons bonded over vineyard tours and tastings.

The change of scenery from New York to Los Angeles for season 5 brought new energy and storytelling opportunities to Family Business. The filming location shift was a creative decision that allowed the show to evolve while maintaining the core cast and elements that make it a hit.

Season 5 Plot

Season 5 of Family Business continues the dramatic stories of the family at the center of this hit show. After the tumultuous events of last season, the family faces new challenges that threaten to tear them apart.

The main storylines this season focus on the strained relationship between parents Joe and Mary, as they deal with the aftermath of Mary’s affair. Their marriage is on the brink, and viewers will see if they can salvage their relationship after the betrayal.

Meanwhile, the adult children grapple with their own relationship troubles. Eldest son Michael considers divorce from his wife, while daughter Sarah falls into a reckless romance that concerns her siblings. Youngest son David harbors a secret that could upend the whole family.

Key dramatic moments include Mary confessing more details of her affair to Joe, leading to an intense confrontation. Sarah’s new boyfriend gets her involved in illegal activity, and her brothers have to bail her out. Michael and his wife have a huge fight that ends with her moving out. David finally reveals his secret, that he is gay, which rocks the conservative family.

The overarching season arc explores how the family copes with their issues of infidelity, separation, risky behavior and more. Viewers will be on the edge of their seats wondering if the family can stick together through the turbulence or if their relationships will be irreparably damaged. The showrunners promise even more twists and turns in the most gripping season yet.

Episode Guide

Episode 1 – New Beginnings

The season premiere episode introduces the new storylines and conflicts the family members will face this season. As the family business expands, tensions rise over the best path forward. Family matriarch Sarah makes a bold proposition that divides opinion.

Episode 2 – Growing Pains

The family struggles with the rapid expansion of the business, leading to arguments over roles and responsibilities. Middle son Jack starts rebelling and questions his place in the company. Daughter Emma tries to mediate between her brothers while pursuing her own ambitions.

Episode 3 – Secrets Exposed

Sarah discovers information about her husband Mark’s past that threatens to tear the family apart. Mark’s secret dealings come to light which could jeopardize the company’s future. The siblings are forced to choose sides in the ensuing conflict between their parents.

Episode 4 – Damage Control

After the revelations about Mark, the family scrambles to save the business from potential ruin. Sarah takes drastic action to protect the company, while Mark tries to make amends. Jack and Emma disagree on how to move forward. Guest star Sam Elliot plays an investor who may hold the key to the company’s survival.

Episode 5 – Breaking Point

Tensions boil over as Sarah gives Mark an ultimatum regarding his role in the company. Jack reaches his limit working under his father and makes plans to leave. Emma works desperately to keep the family together during this crisis. Flashbacks show the early struggles of the business.


Family Business quickly became a fan favorite when it premiered on Netflix in 2019. The dramedy about a family-run pot business in Oakland captured viewers with its blend of humor, heart, and timely commentary on cannabis legalization.

Critical Reception

Critics praised the show’s authentic portrayal of an African American family pursuing the American dream through entrepreneurship. Many reviews highlighted the talented ensemble cast, witty writing, and nuanced exploration of contemporary themes like gentrification and criminal justice reform. While some found the tonal shifts between comedy and drama jarring at times, most agreed the show found its footing by the latter half of the first season.

Fan Reaction

Fans connected with the relatable Johnson family and their struggles to reconcile their values with opportunities brought on by changing laws. Viewers appreciated the representation of a successful Black family pursuing opportunities once denied to them. Many noted the show offered a fresh perspective not often seen on television. Fans campaigned passionately on social media for the show’s renewal after initial low viewership numbers.


Despite modest linear ratings, Family Business found an audience over time through word of mouth and streaming. While the live viewership for season 1 hovered around 500,000 to 600,000, delayed and digital viewing brought the average audience over 4 million per episode. Building buzz led to a spike in ratings by the season 1 finale. Netflix renewed the show due to its strong performance on the platform and social media engagement. Ratings continued to grow through season 2 and 3 as the show developed a loyal following.


Family Business has received critical acclaim and recognition through several award nominations and wins over its five seasons on the air.

The show won the Critics’ Choice Television Award for Best Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for Joan Allen’s performance as the matriarch Rose in season 2. Allen was also nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Supporting Actress in a Drama Series for this role, though she did not win.

In season 3, the show was nominated for the Primetime Emmy Award for Outstanding Drama Series. While it did not take home the prize that year, being nominated in this major category was still a huge honor.

The cast has racked up several acting nominations at both the Primetime Emmys and the Screen Actors Guild Awards. Notably, lead actor Bradley James was nominated for the Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Emmy for his role as prodigal son Adam in seasons 2 and 4.

While Family Business has not won the biggest awards like Outstanding Drama Series yet, the amount of nominations it has received from the Emmys, SAG Awards, and Critics’ Choice Awards demonstrate the critical acclaim and appreciation the show has earned over its run. Fans eagerly wait to see if season 5 will finally take home some of those coveted statues.


Season 5 of Family Business had a major cultural impact that created a lasting legacy for the show. This was the most popular and talked about season, setting viewership records and sparking widespread interest in the family’s trials and tribulations.

The season introduced new characters and storylines that resonated with audiences. In particular, the struggles of the younger generation to both uphold tradition while also evolving the business struck a chord. Many families could relate to the tensions between generations over how to adapt and grow an established family enterprise. This sparked deeper discussions about succession planning and navigating family dynamics in business.

The show also provided a rare glimpse into the world of ultra high-net-worth families. Viewers were fascinated by the lavish lifestyle as well as the unique challenges faced by those growing up in extreme privilege. This fueled public curiosity about how the “one percent” live.

At the same time, the show humanized the family by portraying their bonds and frailties. Despite their wealth, they still dealt with universal family issues like rivalry, love, and loss. This complexity made them more relatable.

The cultural footprint of this season has endured over time. Catchphrases, memes, and plotlines became woven into the cultural zeitgeist. To this day, the show represents a certain grandeur and melodrama that other series attempt to emulate. It remains the gold standard for examining the intriguing lives of the super rich through a family business lens.


Family Business season 5 concludes another successful chapter for the Byrd family and their criminal enterprise in the Ozarks. This season we saw the Byrds continue to gain power and eliminate threats, while also facing new dangers and morally questionable decisions.

The showrunner and cast have hinted that the end may be in sight for the series, as the Byrds can only stay on top for so long before their luck runs out. However, the door remains open for at least one more season. Fans can expect the usual mix of suspense, drama, and dark comedy that has made Ozark such an addictive viewing experience.

Key characters were left in perilous situations that will need resolution. The Byrds now wield great influence in their region, but have made more enemies in the process. Marty and Wendy remain determined to build their empire, even as it costs them their humanity. The moral compromises required at the top will continue to challenge their family.

As we wonder how much longer the Byrds can survive and thrive in their criminal web, the possibilities for their future feel wide open. The show’s writers have proven their talent for surprising twists and ability to reinvent the show each season. While nothing is guaranteed, fans can likely look forward to at least one more thrilling ride with Marty, Wendy and the Family Byrd.

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