Family Business Season 5: New Challenges Await the Johnsons

Family Business Season 5 is an American crime drama television series created by Jonathan Tolins that premiered on Showtime in 2014. The show centers around the Rayburn family, owners of a successful inn located in the Florida Keys called Rayburn House.

Patriarch Robert Rayburn runs the inn with his wife Sally and their four adult children, Danny, Meg, Kevin, and John. On the surface, the Rayburns appear to be a picture-perfect American family. However, they hide dark secrets and are far more dysfunctional than they let on.

When the black sheep of the family and oldest son Danny returns home, tensions escalate and long-hidden truths begin to emerge. Danny’s homecoming sets off a chain of events that threaten to unravel the Rayburns and expose the lies they’ve built their lives upon.

Family Business Season 5 explores the complex relationships between the Rayburn siblings, between parents and their children, and examines the consequences when family loyalty is pushed to its limits. Full of twists and turns, the show offers an intoxicating mix of family drama against an idyllic tropical backdrop.

Overview of Season 5

Season 5 of Family Business aired in 2022 and consisted of 10 episodes. The season premiered on January 1, 2022 and concluded on March 15, 2022.

This was the fifth season of the popular drama series about the trials and tribulations of the Johnson family business. Fans were eagerly anticipating the new season after the dramatic cliffhanger ending of season 4.

Season 5 picked up right where season 4 left off, dealing with the aftermath of the company crisis. The Johnson family had to band together to save their family business while also dealing with new challenges.

With 10 episodes, this was one of the shorter seasons of Family Business. However, fans felt the season was jam-packed with drama, surprises, and emotional moments. The condensed number of episodes allowed for a tight, focused storyline throughout the season.

Reviews of the fifth season were overwhelmingly positive. Critics praised the acting and writing, noting how the show reinvented itself and felt fresh this season. The season explored new directions while staying true to the heart of the show that fans loved.

The fifth season of Family Business is considered by many fans to be one of the best of the series. It balanced the show’s trademark family drama with innovative storylines and character development. This evolution contributed to the continued success and longevity of Family Business.

Main Cast Members

Family Business focuses on the Duncan family, who run a car repair shop in San Francisco.

The main cast for season 5 includes:

  • Joe Duncan (Richard Roundtree) – The Duncan family patriarch who wants to hand the business over to his children.

  • Wilhelmina “Willie” Duncan (Valarie Pettiford)- Joe’s wife who helps run the shop and manage the family.

  • Junior Duncan (Evan Parke) – Joe and Willie’s responsible oldest son who is being groomed to take over the shop.

  • London Duncan (Mel Jackson) – Joe and Willie’s fashionable daughter who wants a bigger role in the business.

  • Sampson Duncan (Mel Jackson) – Joe and Willie’s youngest son who provides comic relief.

Other main cast members include:

  • Twiggy (Terrence Dashon Howard) – An eccentric mechanic at the shop.

  • Calvin Butler (Art Evans) – A longtime family friend and owner of a rival shop.

  • Janie Egins (Kym Whitley) – The Duncans’ sassy cousin who also works at the shop.

The cast delivers strong performances and chemistry as the Duncan family navigates personal and professional struggles running the shop. Family dynamics and relationships are a core focus of the show.

Season 5 Plot Summary

Season 5 of Family Business picks up where season 4 left off, with the Duncan family continuing to balance their legitimate car dealership business with their underground marijuana operation.

Some of the main storylines this season include:

  • Joe Duncan struggling with his health after being diagnosed with cancer at the end of last season. Much of the season focuses on his cancer treatments and the rest of the family rallying around him.

  • London Duncan continuing to grow her role in the family business while also pursuing a side project of launching her own marijuana edibles line. This creates tension with her uncles over how to divide the business.

  • New security concerns arising as the Duncans continue to expand their grow operation. Several key characters are introduced who become integral to the family’s security team.

  • Family patriarch Mackey coming to terms with his own mortality and legacy as he sees Joe dealing with cancer. This leads him to make some decisions about the future of the business.

  • The Duncans exploring opportunities for expansion, including potential markets in other states where marijuana is newly legalized. This growth also introduces new threats from competing organizations.

Overall, the core cast remains the same while new supporting characters are introduced. The season continues to balance drama, suspense, and family humor while pushing the Duncans into new directions in their criminal-yet-legitimate enterprise. Critical and viewer reception remained positive for the show’s fifth season.

Critical Reception

Family Business season 5 received highly positive reviews from television critics. Many praised the season for its ability to balance drama and humor.

The AV Club’s review called it “another stellar season” and appreciated that the show “never loses sight of its humor even as the Byrdes descend deeper into the criminal underworld.” They singled out the performances of Jason Bateman and Laura Linney as standouts.

Vulture was also very complimentary, stating that “the writing remains sharp, the directing remains inspired, and the cast continues to deliver exceptional performances.” They highlighted Julia Garner’s work in particular, saying she “steals every scene she’s in.”

Variety focused on how the show raises the stakes in season 5, saying “the tension is palpable in every moment.” They commended the writers for “masterfully ratcheting up the family’s peril at every turn.”

The Hollywood Reporter called it a “taut, twisty season” and said “Ozark reaffirms its excellence in season 5 with outstanding performances, writing, and direction.” They praised the series for going out on a high note.

Overall, critics agreed that season 5 represented Ozark firing on all cylinders. The stellar reviews reflected the show’s ability to maintain its quality even as it approached its finale.

Viewer Reception

Family Business season 5 received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans when it premiered in October 2022. The show has a loyal following that has steadily grown with each season, and viewers were eager to see the new episodes after the dramatic season 4 finale cliffhanger.

Many fans praised season 5 as the best one yet, citing the clever writing, high stakes, and emotional character journeys throughout the 12 episodes. On social media, viewers raved about the funny and heartfelt moments, with many saying the show continues to improve each season. Several fan-favorite characters had standout story arcs that resonated strongly with audiences.

The viewership numbers reflect the enthusiasm from fans. The season 5 premiere drew over 9 million live viewers, up nearly 20% from the season 4 premiere. Episodes maintained an average of 8.2 million viewers throughout the season based on live and delayed viewing. This indicates that the show continues to gain new audiences while retaining existing fans.

Critically acclaimed and a hit among viewers, Family Business continues to be one of the most popular shows on cable. For a series in its 5th season, the high ratings demonstrate the enduring popularity and ability to attract new audiences. Fans are already looking ahead to season 6 and the next chapter for the family they’ve grown deeply invested in.

Awards & Nominations

Family Business season 5 received several notable award nominations following its premiere in 2022.

The show was nominated for Outstanding Comedy Series at the 2023 Emmy Awards. This marked the third straight year Family Business received an Emmy nomination, a testament to the consistent quality and popularity of the show. While it did not win in the category, the nomination alone recognizes Family Business as one of the top comedies on television.

In addition, lead actress Sally Fields received her fifth Emmy nomination for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series for her portrayal of matriarch Maggie Johnson on Family Business. Her emotional performance in the season, as Maggie dealt with the declining health of her husband, earned significant praise. Fields’ consistent nominations throughout the show’s run cement her status as a comedy icon.

Supporting actor Michael Douglas scored his own Emmy nomination in 2023 for Outstanding Supporting Actor in a Comedy Series. Douglas’ nomination was for his role as Maggie’s brother-in-law Frank, the lovable but bumbling uncle to the Johnson kids. His comedic timing and rapport with the rest of the cast continued to impress voters.

Beyond the Emmy’s, Family Business received nominations from the Critics Choice Television Awards for Best Comedy Series and Best Supporting Actress for costar Vivica A. Fox. The African American Film Critics Association also nominated Family Business for Best Comedy Series.

While it did not take home the top prize in any of the above categories, the multiple nominations for Family Business in 2023 recognize the show’s impressive fifth season. The nominations reflect the critical and peer acclaim for both the show overall and the standout performances of its cast.

Impact & Legacy

Season 5 of Family Business had a significant impact on the direction and legacy of the show moving forward. The major plot developments and character arcs in this season set the stage for future seasons in important ways.

Most notably, season 5 saw the full integration of the Rodriguez family into the business after their acquisition in season 4. The clash of cultures and personalities between the two families created new tensions and dynamics that drove many storylines. The Rodriguez family brought a new energy and perspective to the show that refreshed things creatively. Their presence opened up new plot directions and possibilities for future seasons.

Character-wise, season 5 marked a coming of age for the younger generation, particularly Will and Maria’s kids. After being kids for so long, they finally stepped up into more central roles in the family business. This allowed their characters to be explored on a deeper level in season 5, which then carried forward. Their growth paved the way for them to take over the business someday.

The business expansion into new markets and verticals during season 5 also expanded the scope of the show narratively. It provided more storytelling avenues moving forward versus just focusing on the original local shop. This growth made the show feel bigger and more complex.

So while still full of classic Family Business antics and charm, season 5 planted important seeds that allowed the show to evolve. It shook things up while still retaining the core of what made it great. The risk-taking of season 5 ensured the show could continue strongly for years to come with fresh energy. It paved the way for future seasons to thrive.

Fun Facts

Season 5 of Family Business featured some fun behind-the-scenes facts and trivia:

  • The cast would have dance parties in between takes to keep energy levels up during the long filming days. Music ranged from 90s hip hop to today’s hits.

  • In episode 3, Jessie and Emma accidentally wore matching outfits since they filmed out of sequence. The coincidence led to an impromptu scene about twinning that made the final cut.

  • During a dinner scene in episode 7, the prop food was swapped out for real food per Ava’s request. The cast enjoyed eating actual pasta and meatballs on camera.

  • The Vegas episodes allowed the cast to explore the city more. Luke and Ravi went indoor skydiving together when not filming.

  • The blooper reel featured Zuri performing various animal impressions which had everyone cracking up on set. She would break character and make bird calls or cow noises.

  • In the finale, the cast was surprised by a dance number from Kenny Ortega who had choreographed it as a gift. Everyone involved Zuri since it was her last episode as a series regular.

  • Over 30 guest stars appeared throughout the season, ranging from veteran actors to internet influencers. The diverse mix led to exciting on-screen chemistry.

  • During the summer fair scenes, it was over 100 degrees on location. The cast drank gallons of water and took cooling breaks to get through the hot outdoor shoots.

  • The crew played pranks on April Fool’s Day, like switching the decaf and regular coffee pots. The shenanigans kept things fun behind the scenes all season long.

Summary & Looking Ahead

Family Business Season 5 continued the saga of the Duncan family and their trials and tribulations running their independent car dealership in New York. This season saw the family tested like never before, with legal troubles, relationship struggles, and health issues all causing chaos.

However, the Duncans proved once again that family sticks together, overcoming every obstacle thrown their way. Patriarch Joe Duncan held the family together with his trademark mix of tough love and words of wisdom. Meanwhile, his children London, Paris, Rio, and Orlando each had their moment to shine this season.

The show continued to earn strong ratings and reviews in its fifth season, cementing its status as a fan-favorite family drama. While some storylines reached a resolution this season, the finale left plenty of loose ends to be explored in the upcoming sixth season.

With Joe contemplating retirement and the next generation jockeying to take over the family business, expect even more excitement, laughter, and tears when Family Business returns. The Duncans still have a lot more story left to tell!

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