Your Guide to Finding the Best Electronic Dart Board

Best Electronic Dart Board have seen a huge rise in popularity in recent years as the technology has improved and they have become more affordable. An electronic dart board is fundamentally different than a traditional bristle board in that it uses electronic sensors to register dart hits and automatically score the game. This removes the need to manually score, increasing convenience. Electronic boards also allow for exciting new games that go far beyond just standard cricket or 01.

The key factors that make up a high-quality electronic dart board include:

  • Sensitive sensors – The sensors need to accurately register both soft and hard throws. Poor sensors lead to frustrating “bounce-outs”.

  • Bright, clear displays – Having a bright LCD display that is visible from a distance is important for clearly tracking scores and stats.

  • High build quality – You want solid construction that will withstand thousands of dart impacts without failure.

  • Extensive game options – A wide selection of games, including classics like cricket and 01 but also more modern options, adds replayability.

  • Multiplayer capacity – Being able to support 2+ players simultaneously is a must for social play.

With the right features, an electronic dart board can provide endless fun and excitement while eliminating the hassles of manual scoring. This guide will cover the top models on the market and key factors to consider when choosing one.

Top Features to Look For in an Electronic Dart Board

When shopping for an electronic dart board, there are several key features to consider that will impact the quality, durability, and enjoyment of the board.

High-Quality Touch Sensors

One of the most important aspects is the touch sensors that register your dart hits. Higher quality boards will have sensitive sensors that accurately register hits, even on the edges and doubles/triples rings. This ensures fair scoring and avoids frustration from missed hits. Look for boards advertised as using e-tron technology sensors for consistent play.

Bright, Easy to Read Displays

An electronic scoreboard that is bright and clearly displays the score, players, cricket info, etc is essential. Low quality displays will be difficult to read from a distance or in brighter lighting conditions. Look for LCD or LED displays with high contrast and large numbers/text for the best visibility.

Variety of Games

Beyond just the basics, the top boards will offer a wide selection of games to choose from. This includes not only the standard cricket and 01/02 games, but also options like shootouts, killer, counting games, and more. The more game variety, the more enjoyment you’ll get out of the board over time.

Durable Build

With all the dart throwing action, you’ll want a board that can hold up over time. Seek boards with cabinet materials that resist warping, along with tightly woven dartboard fibers that resist tearing. Replaceable parts are also useful down the road when some components wear out over time with heavy use.

Top Brands

When looking for the best electronic dart board, there are a few top brands to consider:


Arachnid is one of the leading manufacturers of electronic dart boards. They are known for making high-quality boards with features like games, online connectivity, and durable construction. Some of their popular models include the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 and the Arachnid SoSoft Dartboard.


Viper makes electronic dart boards across a range of price points. Their boards focus on providing durability and quality at an affordable price. Some of their top models are the Viper 777 and Viper Ion. Viper boards are a great option if you want a solid performing electronic board without breaking the bank.

Fat Cat

Fat Cat produces a variety of recreational games, including electronic dart boards. Their boards emphasize providing exciting play options for casual players. Some of their models, like the Fat Cat Electronx, offer over 50 games. Fat Cat boards are a good choice for recreational play at home.

Gran Board

Gran Board is a newer brand that focuses on technology-enhanced electronic dart boards. Their boards feature mobile app connectivity for online play and integrated cameras for automatic scoring. The Gran Board 3 is their latest model, providing exciting new ways to play darts digitally. Gran Board is a great option if you want a truly high-tech electronic dart board.

Connectivity Options

When shopping for an electronic dart board, you’ll need to decide if you want a wired or wireless connection. Here’s an overview of the connectivity options:


Wired electronic dart boards connect to the scoring display using a cable. This avoids any wireless interference issues that can occasionally disrupt scoring. Wired boards are simple to set up – just plug them in and start playing. The downside is that the cable may limit where you can position the dart board or get in the way during play.


Wireless dart boards use either Bluetooth or WiFi to connect wirelessly to the scoring display. This gives you more flexibility on positioning without any cables to work around.

Bluetooth dart boards have a range of about 30 feet. Setup is easy since Bluetooth pairing is automated between the board and display. Bluetooth eliminates wires but can occasionally suffer signal interference.

WiFi dart boards connect to your home WiFi network and can be controlled by a smartphone app. This gives extended range and the ability to track stats and play online. However, WiFi setup requires more steps to connect to your wireless network. WiFi signals can also be impacted by network congestion.

Overall, wireless dart boards provide more flexibility but introduce occasional connectivity issues not present on wired boards. Consider your play space and preference for tech when choosing between connectivity options.

Scoring Options

When choosing an electronic dart board, you’ll want to consider the different scoring options available. This can significantly impact your gameplay experience.

Auto Scoring vs Manual Scoring

Many electronic dart boards come with automatic scoring. This means that the board will automatically track and display your scores as you play. This is a very convenient feature that eliminates the need to manually track scores.

Some cheaper boards require manual scoring. With these, you’ll have to keep track of scores on your own, either mentally or by writing them down. Manual scoring can be tedious and lead to errors or disputes over who is winning. Auto scoring avoids these issues.

Voice Announcing

Some high-end electronic boards include voice announcing features. As you hit targets, the board will audibly announce your scores. This adds an extra element of fun and realism to the experience.

Voice announcing also helps with accessibility for visually impaired players. The voice announcements allow them to fully participate without having to view the score display.

Score Displays

Electronic dart boards typically have an LCD or LED score display. This lets you clearly see player scores, what targets were hit, and other details.

Higher-end boards may have larger or more sophisticated displays. Helpful extras can include graphics showing target areas, player names, and scoring breakdowns.

Some boards also allow you to toggle the display between different scoring games like cricket or 301. So the display adapts as you change games.

Overall, look for a bright, crisp, and easy to read score display. Supplemental voice announcing is also a great plus for an enhanced experience.

Safety Considerations

When using an electronic dart board, there are a few important safety factors to keep in mind:

Tip Protectors

  • Use tip protectors on all darts at all times to prevent injury from an errant throw. The soft plastic tips cover the sharp metal point and help prevent accidents.

  • Make sure tip protectors are secure and check them periodically for wear and tear. Replace as needed.

  • Only use darts designed for electronic boards, as the tips are specifically made to work with the board’s sensors. Never use steel-tipped darts on an electronic dartboard.

Proper Mounting/Setup

  • Mount the dartboard at the proper height (standard is 5 feet 8 inches from the floor to the center of the bullseye) and provide adequate clearance space in front and around the sides.

  • Make sure the mounting surface is smooth, flat, and sturdy enough to support the board’s weight.

  • Install in an area with ample lighting so players can see clearly.

  • Set up any accompanying scoreboard at eye level to make it easy to view.

Using with Children

  • Closely supervise children at all times when using a dartboard.

  • Make sure kids use darts designed specifically for their age, with shorter shafts and lighter weights.

  • Position the board lower for easier throwing and remove trip hazards from the throwing area.

  • Ensure proper safety measures like tip protectors and clear space around the board.

  • Remind children to stand behind the thrower and refrain from running or horseplay near the board.

  • Consider setting up a children’s dart line closer to the board until their aim and skills improve.


Proper maintenance of your electronic dart board will help ensure it functions properly and lasts a long time. Here are some tips:

Replacing Worn Parts

The parts most likely to wear out over time are the wiring, sensors, and dart tips. Check wires for fraying or damage. Test sensors to ensure they are registering shots accurately. And inspect dart tips for excessive wear, nicks, or blunting. Most boards allow you to replace individual parts like sensors, wiring harnesses, and dart tips. Refer to your manual for part numbers and ordering information.


Dirt buildup on the board’s surface can interfere with dart sensors and scoring. About once a month, wipe down the entire board surface with a microfiber cloth. Use a bit of glass cleaner or isopropyl alcohol if needed to cut through oils or residue. Take care not to get liquids into any electronics.


An unleveled board can cause erratic dart scoring. Use a small bubble level on the frame to check for levelness. If needed, adjust the height of board legs or use wall mounting screws to orient the board properly. The board should be mounted so it is completely vertical or leans ever so slightly back.

Budget Options Under $100

Buying an electronic dart board doesn’t have to break the bank. There are several quality options available for under $100 that provide great value.

Pros of Cheaper Electronic Dart Boards:

  • More affordable price makes it easier to get started with the sport
  • Allow you to try electronic dart boards without a big investment
  • Offer the basics like scoring displays and games
  • Often include a set of soft-tip darts
  • Good for recreational play and practice
  • Suitable for beginners learning the game

Cons of Cheaper Electronic Dart Boards:

  • May lack some of the advanced features of pricier models
  • Less durable materials and construction
  • Limited game options and modes
  • Lower quality displays and sensors
  • Shorter lifespan before needing replacement
  • Not ideal for competitive tournament play

Some of the top electronic dart boards under $100 include:

  • Arachnid Cricket Pro 800
  • Viper 777 Electronic Dart Board
  • Fat Cat Electronx Electronic Dartboard
  • WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

These budget-friendly boards provide electronic scoring, various games, and soft tip darts to get started. While they lack some bells and whistles, they offer a solid introduction to electronic dart boards at an affordable price point.

Mid-Range Options $100-$200

The $100 to $200 price range offers a nice balance of features and value for most home dart players. These boards have better durability, more game options, and nicer cabinet designs than budget models. However, they may lack some of the premium features of professional boards over $200.

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is one of the best mid-range boards under $200. It offers 39 games with 132 options, including all the most popular cricket and 01 games. The segment holes use a “spider web” pattern to reduce bounce outs. The sound effects and heckler feature enhance gameplay. The LCD scoreboard is easy to read and keeps score for up to 8 players. While it lacks online multiplayer, it does have eight E-scorer option slots to manually track scores.

Another great choice is the Viper Neptune. It comes with 57 games and 167 options to choose from. The slim segment divider reduces bounce outs compared to wider metal dividers. It also has a handy games wizard to walk you through game setup. The cabinet has a classic look with walnut finish. While it lacks online play, it does have six E-scorer slots. The auto-rotating dartboard helps reduce wear and tear in one spot.

Overall, mid-range boards strike a nice balance for home use. You get good durability and features compared to budget boards, but lack some premium options of professional models. The $100-$200 range hits a sweet spot for casual players who still want quality equipment.

Highest Quality Options Over $200

For those looking for the very best electronic dart boards money can buy, be prepared to spend over $200. Premium dart boards offer unparalleled features, durability, and technology that take the game to the next level.

Pros of Premium Boards

  • Superior build quality – Premium electronic dart boards are constructed from higher grade materials that stand up to heavy use. Solid wood or metal frames prevent warping, while sisal/bristle fiberboards withstand thousands of thrown darts without wear and tear.

  • Advanced sensors – Higher-end boards boast enhanced sensors that register shots with pinpoint accuracy. They detect the precise location of each dart for reliable scoring.

  • More game options – Many feature over 40+ games with multiple variations and difficulty settings. Top models include games not found on standard boards.

  • Online connectivity – Linking to online dart apps unlocks global multiplayer matches, leagues, tournaments, stats tracking, and more. Bluetooth allows game data transfer to smartphones or tablets.

  • Larger playing surface – Some models have 18″ or 20″ target areas, 33% larger than standard 15″ boards. The expanded surface reduces bounce-outs.

  • Extended warranties – Most premium boards include at least a 2-3 year warranty. Manufacturers stand behind their quality with protection against defects.

Features of High-End Boards

  • Professional tournament-quality bristle fibers with ultra-slim segments for reduced bounce-outs.

  • Steel or hardened wood frames with integrated lighting systems to illuminate the board.

  • High-definition LCD displays that clearly show scores, statistics, and online player names.

  • Surround sound audio with different effects for darts hitting targets, starting games, and winning.

  • Mobile apps to customize settings, update firmware, track stats, join online matches, and more.

  • Dart storage compartments, dry erase scoreboards and other accessories.

While the upfront cost is higher, enthusiasts who take dart games seriously will appreciate the performance and features of premium electronic dart boards. For those seeking the ultimate home dart experience, investing in a high-quality board over $200 is highly recommended.

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