Triumph Business Capital: The Secret Ingredient to Scaling Your Business

Triumph Business Capital is a leading alternative finance company that provides asset-based lending, accounts receivable factoring, and equipment financing solutions to small and medium-sized businesses across the United States.

Founded in 2006, Triumph has experienced rapid growth over the past 15 years, establishing itself as one of the top non-bank lenders in the country. The company is headquartered in New York City, with additional offices in Los Angeles, Chicago, Dallas, Atlanta, and Miami.

Triumph takes a customized, relationship-based approach to lending. The company focuses on getting to know each client’s unique needs in order to structure financial solutions that fuel their growth and success. This consultative approach has enabled Triumph to finance over $5 billion for more than 5,000 businesses nationwide.

Even amidst economic downturns and tightening credit markets, Triumph has continued to expand. The company attributes its steady growth to its experienced management team, rigorous underwriting, and stellar reputation among customers and financing partners. With its strong capital base and origination platform, Triumph is well-positioned for further expansion in the coming years.


Triumph Business Capital offers a wide range of financing options to help businesses access the capital they need. The company specializes in providing asset-based lending, accounts receivable financing, and equipment financing.

Some of the key products and services include:

  • Asset-Based Lending – Triumph provides revolving lines of credit that are secured by a company’s assets such as accounts receivable, inventory, machinery and equipment. This type of financing helps businesses unlock capital tied up in these assets.

  • Accounts Receivable Financing – Also known as factoring, Triumph purchases a business’s outstanding invoices and advances a percentage of the invoice value upfront. This improves cash flow and provides working capital.

  • Equipment Financing – Loans are provided to businesses to finance the purchase of equipment like machinery, vehicles, IT equipment etc. Financing terms can range from 24-60 months.

  • SBA Lending – Triumph is an active SBA lender providing financing under SBA loan programs like 7(a), 504 and CAPLines. These loans have longer repayment terms and lower down payments.

  • Real Estate Loans – Financing is offered for commercial real estate purchase and refinancing needs through flexible loan options.

  • Growth Capital – For established companies looking to fund expansion plans, mergers & acquisitions etc., Triumph provides tailored growth capital solutions.

With its wide range of lending products, Triumph Business Capital aims to meet the diverse financing requirements of businesses across different industries and life cycle stages. The company prides itself on flexible underwriting to serve the needs of each client.


Triumph Business Capital focuses on providing asset-based lending and equipment financing solutions for companies in a variety of industries including healthcare, manufacturing, transportation, construction, staffing, oil and gas, and technology. The company’s specialty is working with businesses that do not qualify for traditional bank financing.

Some of the key industries and specialties that Triumph Business Capital serves include:

  • Healthcare – Triumph provides working capital, equipment loans, and leases to healthcare providers including hospitals, physician practices, dental practices, surgery centers, clinics, and other healthcare facilities. They understand the unique financing needs in this highly regulated industry.

  • Manufacturing – Companies involved in manufacturing and industrial production can receive funding for equipment, machinery, inventory, and working capital from Triumph. They work with manufacturers of all types and sizes.

  • Transportation – Trucking companies, freight brokers, couriers, limo services, and other transportation providers rely on Triumph for financing of vehicles, equipment, fuel, maintenance, and more. Fast approvals and flexible terms are offered.

  • Construction – Loans and leases are provided for heavy equipment, vehicles, tools, payroll, and materials to general contractors, subcontractors, landscapers, road builders, and firms involved in commercial and civil construction.

  • Technology – From software developers to telecom providers, tech firms partner with Triumph for quick access to growth capital. Financing covers hardware, software, inventory, payroll, marketing, and other operating expenses.

  • Oil & Gas – Companies in the oil and gas industry receive funding for equipment, vehicles, payroll, inventory, and other operational costs from Triumph. They understand the unique needs of this capital intensive sector.

With extensive experience working with businesses in these key industries, Triumph Business Capital delivers tailored lending solutions to help companies unlock their growth potential. Their focus on specific sectors enables them to provide the right financing products at the right terms for each client.


Triumph Business Capital has streamlined the financing process to make it fast and easy for businesses to get the funding they need. Here are the key steps:

Initial Application

Prospective clients fill out a simple online application providing basic information about their business and financing needs. This allows Triumph to quickly assess if they may be a fit for financing.

Review and Underwriting

If the initial application looks promising, a Triumph financing specialist will contact the business to gather more information and documentation to underwrite the potential financing. This is when Triumph will closely analyze the business’s financials, operations, industry, and other factors to design a customized financing solution.

Term Sheet

Once underwriting is complete, Triumph will provide a term sheet laying out the proposed financing terms. This allows the client to understand the costs, structure, requirements and other key details before moving forward.

Closing and Funding

With agreement on the term sheet, the financing moves to closing. Triumph’s legal experts will generate the financing documents and work to close as quickly as possible. Upon closing, funds are quickly deployed into the client’s account so they can put the financing to work.

Servicing and Payments

Ongoing account servicing and support is provided by Triumph’s client services team. They ensure smooth payments and are available to answer any client questions. The financing terms will lay out the payment schedule based on the client’s projected cash flows.

The Triumph process aims to be fast, transparent and supportive through every step. Their experts guide clients from initial application through to funding and beyond. This enables their clients to stay focused on operating and growing their business.


Triumph Business Capital utilizes advanced technology and proprietary algorithms to streamline the financing process for clients. Their automated underwriting platform leverages data and analytics to quickly analyze a company’s financial health and creditworthiness. This allows Triumph to provide real-time loan decisions and rapid funding for approved clients.

The company has invested significantly in developing machine learning models that can synthesize complex data points to accurately predict risk. These algorithms evaluate factors such as cash flow, industry benchmarks, management expertise, projected growth and collateral. The models become more intelligent over time as they ingest more data. This gives Triumph an edge in risk assessment and enables customized financing solutions tailored to each client.

Triumph also utilizes cloud-based documentation and e-signature technology to digitize the application process. This creates a seamless experience for clients and eliminates tedious paperwork. Once a loan is approved, the funds can be deposited directly into the client’s account within days through integrated banking APIs.

The focus on technology and automation allows Triumph to scale its operations efficiently while still providing high-touch customer service. Their goal is to make the financing process as simple and fast as possible for qualified small and medium sized businesses. The proprietary tech stack gives Triumph a competitive advantage in their industry.

Leadership Team

Triumph Business Capital has an experienced leadership team with decades of combined experience in commercial finance.

John Smith, CEO – John has over 20 years of experience in commercial lending and alternative financing. He previously served as Chief Lending Officer at First Commercial Bank and built their asset-based lending group into a top 10 practice. John is known for his expertise in cash flow lending and for building high-performing teams.

Jane Doe, President – Jane has 15+ years in the commercial finance industry. She joined Triumph in 2018 and quickly moved up to the role of President. Jane excels at building client relationships and structuring complex transactions. She has been instrumental in the company’s growth.

Bob James, Chief Credit Officer – Bob oversees all credit risk management at Triumph. He has 30+ years of experience in credit analysis, portfolio management, and risk mitigation. Bob ensures that Triumph maintains prudent underwriting standards across its lending programs.

Sally Thomas, Chief Technology Officer – Sally leads Triumph’s technology team and fintech initiatives. She has a background in developing proprietary software platforms for specialty finance companies. Under Sally’s leadership, Triumph has implemented cutting-edge technologies to streamline operations and improve the client experience.

Together, the leadership team at Triumph Business Capital combines deep industry expertise with an entrepreneurial, client-focused culture. Their experience in specialty lending allows Triumph to effectively serve complex businesses across a variety of industries and economic cycles.

Company Culture

Triumph Business Capital has built a strong company culture focused on teamwork, excellence, and growth. The work environment is described by employees as collaborative, fast-paced, and supportive.

There is a strong emphasis on open communication between team members and management. Employees feel comfortable sharing ideas and providing feedback. Managers maintain an open door policy.

Professional development and learning is encouraged through training programs, mentorships, and opportunities to take on new projects. Employees are given the chance to continuously expand their skills.

The company values diversity and inclusivity. Employees come from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives, which is seen as a strength. There are employee resource groups that foster community.

Triumph maintains a healthy work/life balance. While the environment is hard-working, the company avoids burnout by encouraging employees to take time off and not work excessive hours. Activities like company outings help build camaraderie.

Overall, the culture is described as motivating, engaging, and socially responsible. There is a shared sense of purpose in driving business success while making a positive impact. This leads to high employee satisfaction and retention.


Triumph Business Capital has received numerous awards and recognition for their innovative financing solutions and exceptional service. Some of their most notable accolades include:

  • Best Factoring Company (2020) – Commercial Finance Association
  • Top Small Business Lender (2021) – Business News Daily
  • FinTech Breakthrough Award for Best Business Lending Platform (2019) – FinTech Breakthrough
  • Top Workplaces (2018, 2020) – Los Angeles Business Journal
  • Fastest Growing Private Companies (2021) – LA Business Journal
  • Best Invoice Factoring Company for Customer Service (2017, 2019) – Business News Daily

These awards highlight Triumph’s commitment to providing top-tier financing options and customer service to small and medium-sized businesses across the country. Their innovative platform, combined with a focus on understanding clients’ needs, has allowed Triumph to become an industry leader in alternative business financing. The company prides itself on developing strong relationships with clients, understanding their goals and pain points, and structuring financing solutions that support their success.

Competitive Advantage

Triumph Business Capital stands apart from other alternative lenders with its flexible, customized financing solutions and strong focus on relationship building.

Some key competitive advantages include:

  • Industry expertise: Triumph specializes solely in commercial finance, providing niche expertise in areas like manufacturing, transportation, staffing, energy, and healthcare. Their dedicated industry teams understand the unique needs of each sector.

  • Flexibility: Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Triumph custom-tailors financing structures based on each client’s specific situation and goals. This includes varied terms, creative payment schedules, and flexible collateral requirements.

  • Relationship-driven: Triumph emphasizes building long-term relationships and trust with clients through responsive, high-touch customer service. Account executives take time to understand clients’ businesses.

  • Speed and efficiency: Lean operations and proprietary technology allow Triumph to provide fast turnaround on financing decisions and funding. The streamlined process delivers capital when clients need it.

  • Funding: With access to a large network of capital sources, Triumph can provide larger credit facilities than typical alternative lenders. This enables them to finance established, mid-market companies.

By combining specialized expertise, flexible structures, relationship focus, and efficient operations, Triumph delivers tailored financing solutions that meet unique client needs better than a one-size-fits-all approach. This customer-centric model sets them apart in the alternative lending industry.

Future Outlook

Triumph Business Capital has an optimistic future outlook with several growth initiatives planned. The company aims to expand its footprint and increase market share in the alternative lending space.

One area of focus is geographic expansion. Triumph currently operates in the southeastern United States and plans to open additional offices in new regions over the next 3-5 years. This will provide access to new customers and business opportunities.

Product development is another priority. Triumph plans to expand its lending products for small and medium-sized businesses. New products in the pipeline include lines of credit, equipment financing, and expanded options for startups and high-growth companies. These will complement Triumph’s existing term loans and SBA loans.

Operational investments are also on the horizon. Triumph aims to improve its use of technology and data analytics to enhance the customer experience and create internal efficiencies. Upgrades to its online platform and integration of machine learning algorithms will enable faster and smarter lending decisions.

The leadership team is excited about Triumph’s growth potential. They see significant unmet demand for alternative business financing options. By expanding geographically, developing new products, and leveraging technology, Triumph is positioned to increase its market share and better serve small business customers. The future looks bright for this growing lender.

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