The Best Electronic Dart Boards for Your Game Room

Electronic dart boards are a high-tech twist on the traditional bristle dartboards found in bars and game rooms. Rather than relying on metal darts piercing a sisal fiber board, electronic dart boards use soft-tip darts with plastic tips and an electronic scoring system.

When a dart hits the board, sensors detect the location and award points accordingly. The board keeps track of scores for up to 8 players, calculating totals and offering a variety of games beyond just basic scoring. Electronic dart boards add exciting new elements like moving targets, multiplayer games, and digital accuracy.

This guide provides an overview of the best electronic dart boards on the market today. We’ll explain how the technology works, key features to look for, a comparison of budget-friendly vs. high-end models, recommendations for beginners and experienced players, must-have accessories, and tips for care and maintenance. Whether you’re equipping a game room, bar, or rec center, want to improve your dart skills, or just enjoy exciting games with friends, this guide will help you discover the best electronic dart board to meet your needs and enhance your dart-throwing experience.

How Electronic Dart Boards Work

Electronic dart boards use advanced technology and electronic sensors to automatically register and score darts thrown at the board. This allows for electronic scoring without the need for manual scorekeeping.

The main component that enables this automatic scoring is the dart board’s sensor grid. This consists of thousands of microscopic holes embedded throughout the entire dartboard surface. There are two layers of thin wires underneath this hole-filled surface, one running vertically and one running horizontally.

When a dart hits the board, it penetrates through the holes and severs the connection of the vertical and horizontal wires at that impact point. This intersection of broken wires pinpoints the exact location the dart landed on the board.

An integrated circuit board receives a signal indicating which wires have been severed. It uses this information to determine the corresponding score zone the dart has hit. It then relays the score to the digital scorer display mounted on the dartboard.

Many electronic boards have additional sensors around the outer bullseye ring to provide even greater scoring accuracy. This technology can precisely judge whether a dart landed inside the bullseye, slightly outside, or fully on the outer ring.

Advanced electronic dart boards include multiplayer features, allowing input of player names and automatic score-tracking for up to 16 players. Some boards can automatically calculate handicaps and allow customized tournament set-ups.

This electronic scoring technology provides an easy-to-use and hassle-free dart playing experience. It eliminates debates over scoring and math errors, letting players fully focus on their dart game.

Key Features to Look For

When shopping for the best electronic dart board, there are several key features to consider:

  • Number of players – Most electronic boards support 1-8 players. If you plan to play games with larger groups, look for a board that accommodates 16 players or more.

  • Game options – Electronic boards come pre-loaded with a variety of games like Cricket, 01/Cricket, Halve-It, Quick Cricket, Cut Throat Cricket, Baseball, Shootout, Horse, and more. The more game options, the more variety you’ll have.

  • Display type – Basic displays show scores and stats. Higher-end models have animated LCD or LED displays that show graphics and animations for a more engaging experience.

  • Durability – Look for boards with durable birch or sisal/bristle surfaces that can withstand repeated dart impact. Also check for strong, reinforced frames.

  • Connectivity – Some electronic boards can connect to apps via Bluetooth or WiFi for enhanced features and multiplayer options.

  • Voice feedback – Many boards provide audio announcements for scoring, player turns, winners, etc. Voice feedback enhances the experience.

  • Darts and accessories – Most boards include a set of soft-tip darts. Make sure the darts are high quality. Some bundles also include accessories like extra tips, flights, batteries, mounting hardware, etc.

Consider these key factors when comparing electronic dart board models to find the best option for your playing style, skill level, and budget. Prioritizing the features that matter most to you will help you choose the right board.

Top Brands

When it comes to electronic dart boards, there are a few major brands that consistently produce high-quality products. Here’s an overview of some of the top options:

Arachnid – Founded in 1975, Arachnid is one of the most well-known and reputable electronic dart board manufacturers. They offer a wide range of boards at various price points, but are best known for their coin-operated commercial boards found in bars and arcades. Their home boards like the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 are feature-packed and have a classic look.

Viper – Viper has emerged as a top contender in electronic dart boards in recent years. They focus heavily on technology and innovative features, like their cutting-edge segmented scoring bands that dramatically reduce bounce-outs. The Viper 777 is their flagship model but they have options for any budget.

Fat Cat – For a more affordable option, Fat Cat makes a line of electronic boards loaded with games and options. Models like the Fat Cat Electronx cost less than $100 but still offer impressive durability and accuracy. Fat Cat boards are great for casual players on a budget.

Gran Board – A relative newcomer, Gran Board has quickly made a name with their ultra-slim boards. Using proprietary technology, Gran Boards are less than 1/4″ thick. This makes them perfect for mounting nearly anywhere or taking on the go. The Gran Board 3 is their latest model.

Winmau – For traditionalists, Winmau creates electronic dart boards styled after classic English pub boards. Models like the Winmau TouchPad have an understated look with high-end features like auto-scoring. Winmau excels at recreating the feel of throwing at a traditional bristle board.

Budget vs. High-End Models

When shopping for an electronic dart board, you’ll find models at various price points ranging from budget-friendly to high-end luxury. It’s important to understand the key differences between budget and premium models so you can determine which is the best fit for your needs and budget.

Budget Models

Budget electronic dart boards typically range from $50-$150. At this price point, you’ll get the basics like an electronic scoring system, different games to play, and soft-tip darts. However, budget models often have the following drawbacks:

  • Fewer games/scoring options
  • Lower build quality with more plastic parts
  • Less durable with a shorter lifespan
  • No extended warranties
  • Less accurate scoring sensors
  • Dimmer or lower quality displays

The advantage of budget models is the low price point, making them ideal for casual players or families who want an electronic dart board for recreation room fun. But serious players will likely want more features and durability.

High-End Models

Premium electronic dart boards range from $200 on up to over $1,000. For the higher prices, you get features like:

  • Higher number of games, up to 190 options
  • Tournament-quality builds with more metal parts
  • Highly durable boards that last for years of regular play
  • Accurate, low-miss sensors for reliable scoring
  • Bright LED displays that are clearly visible
  • Extended warranties up to 5 years
  • High quality included accessories

The advantage of high-end models is that they offer a much more authentic experience that serious players demand. The attention to detail in sensors, durability, and display mimics what you’d find at a tournament. Casual players may not need these features, but for frequent play and practice, it’s worth investing in a premium electronic dart board.

The Bottom Line

For most recreational home use, a budget model under $100 can provide fun gameplay for years before needing replacement. But hardcore dart enthusiasts will appreciate the quality and realistic experience offered by high-end models in the $200+ range. Consider how often you plan to use an electronic dartboard and the type of player using it to determine which tier makes the most sense for your needs.

Best Electronic Dart Boards for Beginners

Electronic dart boards are a great way for beginners to learn and enjoy the game of darts. The best boards for beginners have features that make it easy to get started and improve your skills over time.

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800

The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is one of the best electronic dart boards for beginners. It has a regulation 15.5” target area and “appeals” feature that confirms your scores aloud. The LCD display keeps score for up to 8 players with handicapping options to level the playing field. It comes loaded with 39 games, including 7 cricket variations to help beginners learn. The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 offers great value at around $175.

Viper 797

Another excellent choice for beginners is the Viper 797. It has a high density sisal/bristle fiberboard that withstands repeated dart impacts. The Viper 797 is straightforward to operate with automatic scoring for over 60 games. It has handicapping options and a solo play mode with computer opponent. Extras like the cabinet-style design, bright LCD display, and extreme temperature warning make this a reliable board. Priced around $100, the Viper 797 is a great starter electronic dart board.

Overall, the Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 and Viper 797 have user-friendly designs perfect for beginners. From their game selection to scorekeeping features, these boards make learning darts enjoyable. Their affordable prices and durable construction ensure beginners will get years of play. For those new to the sport, these two models are top recommendations to consider.

Best for Advanced Players

Advanced dart players need a board that can stand up to heavy use while still providing a range of games and scoring options to keep things interesting. When choosing the best electronic dart board for experienced players, focus on these key features:

  • Durability – With frequent use, look for boards made with durable materials like sisal/sisal fiber that resist wear and tear. Models with segments reinforced with steel or aluminum wires also hold up better over time.

  • Tournament-style Features – Look for regulation-sized playing areas and games that follow sanctioned tournament rules for 01/Cricket games. Auto scoring and voice prompts add realism.

  • Variety of Games – Experienced players appreciate variety. Look for models with 10+ games, including less common options like Shootout, Count Up, Shanghai, and more.

  • High Scoring Capacity – Advanced players can ring up big scores, so look for boards with counts up to 10,000 points to accommodate 01 games with longer formats.

  • Multi-player Options – Boards that support online multiplayer, additional score displays, and extra dart sets maximize group play.

Here are a couple top choices for seasoned players:

  • Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 – With its nylon wound cabinet, steel segmented playing area, and 39 games with 132 options, this professional-quality board was built to excel in competitive play. The tournaments feature levels the playing field.

  • Viper Neptune – With durable segments and slim profile, the Neptune offers 57 games across 5 levels of difficulty. The ultra-thin spider reduces bounce outs, and it integrates with online league play. The vivid LED display is viewable from all angles.

The most advanced electronic boards allow experienced players to challenge themselves and improve their skills over years of play. Paying more for pro-level durability and features ensures you can enjoy the board for the long haul.


When setting up your electronic dart board for home use, you will need some additional accessories to make sure you get the most out of your gaming experience. Here are some must have and nice-to-have accessories to consider.

Must-Have Accessories

  • Darts – A quality set of darts designed for electronic boards is essential. Look for a set with soft plastic tips instead of metal to prevent damage to the board’s surface. Popular options are nylon or plastic shafts with metal or plastic flights.

  • Mount – An electronic dart board mount secures the board firmly to the wall and positions it at the proper regulation height and throw distance. Some include surrounds while others require a separate purchase.

  • Surround – The wall surround protects your wall from errant throws and gives a professional, finished look. Look for a surround specifically sized for your electronic board.

Nice-to-Have Accessories

  • Extra tips – Having replacement soft tips on hand lets you quickly replace any that get worn out or damaged.

  • Flights – Extra flights allow replacing any that break without having to replace the entire dart. Look for packs with a variety of shapes and designs.

  • Board light – A light that mounts above or around the board makes it easier to see clearly. Helpful especially for low light areas.

  • Toe line – A floor toe line helps players stand the proper throwing distance back. Look for tape-based reusable options.

  • Dry erase scoreboards – Magnetic dry erase scoreboards mount right on the surround for easy score keeping that can be wiped away after each game.

  • Dart holder – Magnetic or clip-on dart holders on the surround keep loose darts from getting misplaced after throws.

Choosing the right accessories can really take your home electronic dart board setup to the next level. Prioritize quality darts, mount, and surround first, then add other accessories to suit your playing style and space. With the right gear, you’ll enjoy your electronic dart board for many games to come.

Maintenance and Care

Electronic dart boards require some simple maintenance steps to keep them operating in top condition. Here are some tips:

  • Clean the segments regularly – Dart board segments can accumulate dirt, dust, and oil from repeated dart hits over time. About once a month, wipe down the segments gently with a microfiber cloth to remove buildup. Avoid using harsh chemicals.

  • Check batteries – Most electronic boards run on batteries. Check them occasionally and replace as needed. Use only new alkaline batteries of the type recommended by the manufacturer. Rechargeable batteries are not recommended for most models.

  • Inspect darts – Make sure dart tips are not excessively worn down. Replace darts if the tips become damaged or deformed. This helps ensure accurate scoring.

  • Troubleshoot issues – If the scoring displays erratic numbers or other problems arise, check connections, batteries, and power cycles. Consult the owner’s manual for troubleshooting tips specific to your model.

  • Store properly when not in use – Keep your electronic dartboard out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources. Avoid excess humidity. When not using for extended periods, remove batteries.

  • ** Replace worn parts** – With heavy use over several years, some components like segment membranes may need replacing. Purchase manufacturer replacement parts to restore proper function.

Proper care and maintenance helps electronic dart boards function reliably for many years. Following the manufacturer’s recommendations helps maximize the lifespan of your board. With just a little regular effort, your board can stay in top playing condition.


Electronic dart boards provide a modern, high-tech alternative to traditional bristle boards for darts enthusiasts of all skill levels. With instant, automatic scoring and a vast array of game options, electronic boards add convenience, variety, and excitement to your dart-throwing experience.

For beginners, electronic boards with features like handicapping, bounce-out reduction, and games tailored to different skills make learning darts more engaging and rewarding. The immediate feedback on scoring helps develop your aim and technique. Meanwhile, the wide selection of games keeps practice feeling fresh and prevents boredom.

More advanced players benefit from the consistency of electronic boards versus traditional bristle. The even surface allows you to zero in on your accuracy and consistency. Electronic boards also enable playing online matches and leagues if you want to take your game to the next level.

When shopping for the best electronic dart board, prioritize key factors like target area dimensions, number of game options, online connectivity features, and durability. Brands like Arachnid, Viper, and Gran Board lead the market, but also look at customer reviews to gauge quality and reliability.

With the right electronic dartboard that suits your skill level, you can transform a casual pastime into a rewarding hobby that provides hours of entertainment. Electronic boards open up an exciting new dimension whether you’re a competitive player or just looking to have some fun with friends and family.

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